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A Weekend in New York - Cover Image

A Weekend in New York

It is undeniable that even native New Yorkers can’t keep on top of the rich array of activities, attractions, hip and trendy restaurants and bars, exhibitions and shows that the cosmopolitan hub has to offer.  However, there’s no harm in trying to fit as many activities as possible into a well-planned 48-hour weekend getaway – even if you can’t see it all, you will still leave with a love for the vibrant, adrenaline-charged and exhilarating energy of NYC.  &nbs ...

Les Bains des Marrakech - Cover Image

Les Bains des Marrakech

Any trip to Marrakech isn’t complete without indulging in a sumptuous spa treatment in one of the cities many Hammams, and for the ultimate luxurious experience look no further than Les Bains des Marrakech. Located in the Medina, the heart and soul of Marrakech, this effortlessly lavish and opulent spa offers the perfect relaxing break from the heat of the Moroccan sun and business of the souks. As soon as you enter this heavenly oasis, you are instantly transported into a state of pure re ...

Seeing Snow This Winter: A Step-By-Step Guide - Cover Image

Seeing Snow This Winter: A Step-By-Step Guide

What’s winter without the beauty of snow? Unfortunately, not too many places in the UK will experience it, and even the ones that do see some snow won’t see enough of it to truly appreciate its beauty. That is why each and every winter, you need to schedule a trip. There are so many places out there for you to enjoy the snow, both inside and outside, and all it needs is a plane ticket.   Skiing holidays, for instance, are the perfect getaway for everyone. Not only do you get t ...

Brno, Czech Republic  - Cover Image

Brno, Czech Republic

Escape to Moravia’s capital to experience the height of Czech culture and explore the ancient medieval city’s exhilarating youth. With a unique blend of Baroque architecture and modern functionalist design, Brno is the Czech Republic’s up-and-coming city and Prague’s fiercest rival.   Why Visit? Brno’s countless historical sites, modern museums, and burgeoning bar and music scene will quickly become your favourite Eastern European destination. Trace Brno&rs ...

Costa Navarino, Messinia - Cover Image

Costa Navarino, Messinia

Off the beaten track in Greece It’s time to trade the Greek islands for an undiscovered slice of the mainland. Costa Navarino is where the ancient history, cuisine, and landscapes of Messinia come together in the lap of luxury.   Olive groves shimmer as far as the eye can see; some grow in uniformed rows, others are wild and tangled. They carpet the undulating land in bushy swathes interrupted only by smatterings of white houses with terracotta roofs, and a winding road along whic ...

Exploring Stockholm in winter - Cover Image

Exploring Stockholm in winter

The steamy window to my left frames a dismal picture: pines swimming in a loose mist, muddied snow shovelled into haphazard piles at roadsides, and weather-stained apartment blocks standing in austere clusters. At one glaring spot in the aluminium sky, I notice the sun straining to penetrate the thick cloud. Suburban Stockholm is bleaker than I imagined, then again, I am visiting one of the world’s northernmost capitals in the depths of winter.   It’s a Sunday morning in mid-J ...

Ten Reasons to Visit Malta - Cover Image

Ten Reasons to Visit Malta

What we think of as ‘Malta’ is actually an archipelago of three islands – Malta, Gozo and Comino. Measuring just 27km by 14km (17mi by 9mi), this tiny island nation is saturated with sights, from 5000-year-old temples to dramatic sea cliffs, endless natural surprises to baroque cities and Arabic-inspired monuments. Malta’s size also means it’s easy to get around, and with English as one of its two national languages, any visit here is a breeze. The other language, M ...

Bologna, Italy: The Fat One - Cover Image

Bologna, Italy: The Fat One

Things work in Italy that wouldn’t work anywhere else; in fact, things positively thrive here that would push any other country into anarchy – rampant disregard for traffic rules, cheery sexism and arteries sagging from the sheer profusion of olive oil, to name but three. And that’s why you can’t really have an ‘Italian’ experience without coming here – no matter how insistently the Italian flag billows at your local Pizza Express or how dementedly you d ...

Skiing in Europe: the crème de la crème  - Cover Image

Skiing in Europe: the crème de la crème

The mountains are calling… When it comes to skiing, Europe takes the cake. 3,511 ski resorts and 37,718.9km (23,437mi) of piste strews its expanse (more than any other continent), from the Arctic straggles of northern Sweden, to the snow-laced summits of Spain’s Sierra Nevada. But with such overwhelming choice at your fingertips, it helps to know what’s what in the eclectic world of European skiing. Whether you are searching for mega-après vibes or family-friendly fun ...

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