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Back T Pack for safer and easier Travel

Back T Pack for safer and easier Travel

Whether making the daily commute, going shopping or on vacation, carrying bags can weigh us down and be the cause of much discomfort. This is why Oregon-based physical therapist, Marilyn Miller von Foerster, developed the BackTpack to reduce pain by taking pressure off your back and promoting good posture while carrying. Unlike conventional backpacks and messenger bags, the BackTpack is fitted with balanced side bags that apply the main load to the body’s vertical axis along with extra padding for comfort.

This ergonomic bag features 12 pockets inside and out, ensuring users are guaranteed security of their belongings while still having access to their immediate necessities. These pockets range from zipped to open-topped, as well as having specific room for accessories such as mobile phone, camera, passport, attraction tickets, train passes, maps, stationary, and more.

The bag also features adjustable straps which allow the wearer to comfortably transfer the load to their lap when they are seated. By transferring the weight to the lap, the pressure is taken off the shoulders and users do not have to go through the unnecessary hassle of removing their backpack when sitting. This is especially handy for travellers settling down in a restaurant or airport who may be anxious about putting their belongings down.

The BackTpack is ideal for pilgrims on holy visits, world travellers, as well as adults and children for every day chores. The BackTpack is also accommodating to carry-on luggage, counting as only one personal item in airports.
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