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A Personal Approach to Santorini

A Personal Approach to Santorini

No travel tour equals those designed and led by travellers themselves.  With Santorini Guided Tours, your unforgettable experience is uniquely crafted by Dimitra, an intrepid global explorer with many passions.  Fluent in English, Spanish and Greek, she was born in Northern Greece in close vicinity to one of the most ancient oracles.  This archaic and mystical atmosphere instilled within Dimitra a fascination for Greece’s extraordinary history, legends and culture.  Wishing to translate this enthusiasm, Dimitra trained at the National School of Guides and for 12 years toured visitors in Greece, Spain and Austria.  Having traversed the world, Dimitra knows what a traveller wants from their tour.  Now operating customised and pre-planned tours on the island of Santorini, relax in the presence of a thoroughly cheerful and courteous guide, who will take you through a fascinating historical and cultural journey to discover the crucible of civilisation. 
Historical Akrotiri 
Take a short planned excursion (two and a half hours) to one of the most intriguing archaeological sites in Greece, otherwise known as the prehistoric Pompeii of Aegean.  The city of Akrotiri disappeared beneath a tremendous volcanic eruption over 3000 years ago, and stands today as one of the most spectacularly preserved examples of ancient Greek life.  Speculated as the lost continent of Atlantis, and closely connected to the Minoan and Egyptian civilisations, the volcanic debris has conserved the vast achievements of this advanced society.  With Dimitra, discover the origins of the city and its society, and uncover its astounding legacy. 
Stunning Oia
Dedicate three hours to exploring the northernmost part of Santorini and be captivated by the astonishing beauty of Oia village.  Traverse Oia’s marble paved streets, lined with niche stores and authentic restaurants, which are a feast for the artistic eye.  Avoiding the typical and hectic tourist destinations, Dimitra will take you off the beaten track, where only locals tread, to discover hidden neighbourhoods and secluded natural havens.  For the optimal experience, it is advised to tour Oia as the sun rises to bear witness to nature’s splendid light show as it brilliantly envelopes and dances across the village. 
Tailor-made Tours
In contrast to the pre-planned options available, the company’s tailor-made tours give you full flexibility to pick and choose your activities either in advance or on the spot.  This is very advantageous for first time travellers to Santorini or those who struggle to decide on a definite itinerary in advance.  For a stress-free experience, you can inform Dimitra of your interests and preferences prior to travel thus, permitting her to create a customised tour, based on her exceptional knowledge, which will deliver excitement at every turn.  This option can be selected as a four or six hour tour.  To sample the chief highlights of the island, a four hour tour is ideal to explore Santorini’s main town, Fira, and villages such as Akrotiri or Oia, or incorporate a wine and gastronomy experience.  Throughout the tour you have complete control to move at your own pace, and pick where and what you want to see.  However, for a thoroughly leisurely trip, it is advised to opt for a six hour tour.  With increased time to explore and integrate additional sites, the six hour option also enables travellers to reach one of the island’s relaxing black beaches to relish cocktails on a sun-bed, and be refreshed by a swim in the Aegean Sea. 
Alternative Experiences 
Dimitra has fashioned two exclusive special interest tours for travellers who want that bit extra from their experience.  Explore the island’s natural landscape, and delight in the relaxing ambience of the waves of the Aegean Ocean, on an unparalleled seven hour Land and Boat Tour.  Drive from the south to north of the island to uncover the prehistoric wonder of Akrotiri, before admiring the beauty of Oia, then proceeding to Ammoudi where a private boat is waiting for you.  As you relax upon your vessel with an exquisite wine, soak up the island’s beauty from a different perspective and marvel at the fantastic volcanic formations before indulging in the hot springs near the crater.  For gastronomic enthusiasts, combining a half day tour with a Cooking Class (six hours) will tantalise all your senses.  Subsequent to visiting Akrotiri and Oia, Dimitra returns you to the centre of the island to a 18th Century canava, renovated by local artists, to cook authentic Santorini cuisine, and discover the character and taste of celebrated local wines. 

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