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Adventures in Puerto Rico

Adventures in Puerto Rico

Evidently, the Caribbean delight that lies on the island of Puerto Rico primarily attracts tourists who want to experience a true tropical holiday, surrounded by warm, white sands, stunning blue waters, the ideal weather for the perfect bronze tan and a never-ending collection of colourful cocktails designed to relax you and induce the most exotic of atmospheres.  Whereas that scenario is not far from paradisiac, some travellers undoubtedly have an adventurous streak and want to further explore the island, conquer its clear waters and discover its caves, walk its rugged land and fully take in the thrilling wonders of the versatile Puerto Rico.
Diving & Snorkelling 
In order to fully discover those pure turquoise waters, the unique marine ecosystem and the beautiful coral reefs present in Puerto Rico, diving is the best way to go.  The island is not shy of companies which provide all the equipment required for a safe and adventurous dive, with services such as scuba diving, snorkelling, whale watching or swimming with dolphins.  The east coast of the island is very popular amongst the divers, but with more focus on Culebra and Vieques for snorkelling and La Pared, Isla de Mona and Isla Desecheo for a more secluded dive. 
Contrary to popular belief, the island of Puerto Rico is not just glamorous beaches and sparkling sea waters, but also exhibits a wide tropical wilderness, and the island is covered by numerous forests which are ideal for a promenade or a more vigorous hike.  Puerto Rico’s exotic forests are filled with rare birds, beautiful flora and a unique collection of endangered animals, making them a great outdoors adventure.  The most famous reserve is El Yunque National Forest, along with the forests of Toro Negro, Bosque Estatal de Guajataca or the dry forest of Guánica.
One of the most popular water sports in the world, surfing experiences an undeniable popularity in Puerto Rico, which is often described as having the most powerful waves in the Americas.  Due to the World Championships in 1968, the island has attracted more and more surf lovers and now is part of an international surf circuit, with Rincón being the centre of this water-related world.  After Rincón, San Juan and its beaches are also surf-friendly, together with the northern coast of the island, where the energetic waters around Jobos and Luquillo provide many beautiful waves. 
Most probably the best way to explore the stunning scenery of the island is by embarking in a kayaking adventure.  And not just a regular adventure, since Puerto Rico is the proud owner of three out of the five bioluminescent lagoons in the world.  Ideal for a twilight trip, when the waters beneath you sparkle into fluorescent colours and surround you in a unique show of lights, kayaking at sunset in Puerto Rico might just take your breath away.  The Fajardo area should be the starting point, as you paddle your way through the lagoons of Las Cabezas de San Juan Reserve. 

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