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Enjoying the Wonders of Spain

Enjoying the Wonders of Spain

Europe is home to some of the world’s mostloved holiday destinations, where people can escape their busy daily lives and be in a new location in only a matter of hours. Among them is the cultural capital of Spain, which boasts a rich history, miles of sandy coastline, and friendly locals. There is much about Spain which makes it so popular among holiday-goers, but the one thing that enchants people the most is how versatile it is, and how much you can do there. Often, they leave wishing to return year after year. To enjoy this country at its fullest, there are some key tricks you should tick off your bucket list.
Beachside getaways

No trip to Spain is complete without a trip to one of its numerous beaches, which surround almost the entire country. From the iconic Costa Blanca to Costa Calida, there are countless beach destinations you can choose from. This is a big part of why people keep coming back to Spain, as there is so much that can’t be discovered in the space of one small trip. Such beaches host a range of activities, such as paragliding, boating, or relaxing on comfortable sunbeds in the heat of the day. In some southern towns and islands, you can guarantee a sunny holiday at any time of the year. Arguably, the best way to experience a beach getaway is to look at charming villas in Spain, which will help you add a touch of luxury to your time away. With sea views and Spanish architecture, there is no better way to have an authentic trip.
Traditional cuisine
Before you visit Spain, you will have heard about the amazing cuisine you are going to indulge in, such as the infamous paella. Tapas is something that everybody comes to Spain to enjoy, which most traditional bars will offer with the purchase of a drink. Chorizo and ham platters are among the best selections to make, but you should always elect to have a glass of red wine or rosé to accompany your meal. There are many vineyards across the country, so you can be assured you will be tasting the true culture of Spain as you relax. One dish that also must be tried is paella, a rice dish which originates from the beaches just south of Valencia City. Here, you can choose between seafood paella or chicken paella, which is baked with an array of flavourings and vegetables to form one of the most unique Spanish treasures. Most places in Spain will offer a variation of this dish, but visiting Valencia or a seaside town to try it is unbeatable when you have stretching sea views in your sight and freshly caught seafood on your table.
Paradisiacal islands
Lots of people forget that a small distance away from Spain lies a few of its paradisiacal island archipelagos. With both the Balearics and the Canary Islands attracting thousands of visitors every year, there is no wonder Spain has a reputation for being one of the best places to go on holiday. Islands like the Canaries take a longer plane ride to reach, but boast some volcanic scenery, year-round sun, and the chance to indulge in turquoise blue seas. If you are hoping to stay close to Spain, both Mallorca and Menorca are known for being holiday hubs among Europeans. Regardless of where you choose to stay, you can be sure that it will be a beach holiday unlike any other. With hikes to Teide National Park, or evenings spent in the old town of Ibiza revelling in its golden sunsets, you will truly feel as though you have escaped to another world.
Though the beaches of Spain are its main attraction, there is much more to do here than spending days in the sea. In fact, the country is also home to bustling cities that add a whole new element to your holiday. The capital, Madrid, lies far inland, and is a great place for sightseeing and shopping. To see a different side to Spain, an overnight stopover in Barcelona allows you to see sculptural feats like the Sagrada Familia, and introduces you to cosmopolitan bars. For a larger dose of Spanish history, Seville is a popular option. Here, sepia-toned buildings and cobbled streets give a true Spanish feel to any trip. Most of these places can be visited in day trips, where you can drive along the coast to take in even more great views. 

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