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Introducing Season Tours Iceland

Introducing Season Tours Iceland

To truly appreciate the rich history and natural beauty of Iceland, and to successfully locate its most beautiful destinations, an expert team of guides is essential.  Season Tours pride themselves as being some of the most knowledgeable and well-informed guides on the island, and are true specialists when it comes to the geography, natural life and history of Iceland.  On a Season Tours excursion, travellers can be sure that they are seeing and experiencing the very best that Iceland has to offer.
Reykjavík Tours
As Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavík and its surrounding metropolitan area is the home of almost two-thirds of the island’s population.  This historic region is a fantastic place to discover the singular character of this nation and its people.  Season Tours operate several trips within Reykjavík, allowing visitors to fully investigate the island’s distinctive culture and history.  One of the great benefits of selecting a trip with Season Tours is the small sizes of their tour groups.  Most excursions have a limit of eight guests, meaning that the party can take full advantage of the guides’ extensive knowledge and experience, as well as appreciate the serene seclusion that Iceland is famed for.
The Reykjavík City Tour is ideal for those wishing to sample their first taste of Icelandic culture.  Although it is the nation’s capital city, Reykjavík has a calm and rustic charm to it and many major sites are within a short walk from one another.  This tour allows visitors to experience the very heart of Icelandic culture with insightful and enlightening commentary from Season Tours’ local guides, passing such attractions as the Icelandic Parliament and Prime Minister’s Office, the traditional music hall and a gallery full of Icelandic art.  For those interested in the development of art in the country’s capital, the company’s Design Tour takes groups on an outing to visit some of Reykjavík’s award-winning design houses.  Local jewellery, fabrics and clothing are all starting to make a huge impact on the fashion and art world, making an insight into these traditional and contemporary techniques a desirable attraction.
Natural Wonders
The Golden Circle is one of the most popular routes used to explore Iceland, with a unique variety of wonders on show along its 300 kilometre-long loop.  Beginning in Reykjavík, this one day tour takes travellers deep into the rugged wilderness of central Iceland.  One of the most enthralling attractions is the Thingvellir National Park, the site of the nation’s historic parliament called the Althing, which was founded in the year 930.  The tour also visits Gullfoss, or ‘Golden Falls’, a spectacular waterfall which gives the Golden Circle its name.  One of the more unusual sights in Iceland can be found in the Haukadalur region, a geothermally active valley that is home to several hot geysers, hot springs and fumaroles.  The most impressive features are the geysers known as Strokkur and Geysir; Strokkur still spouts of water and steam within ten minute intervals throughout the day, while his big brother Geysir is more unpredictable and last erupted in 2004.
The Northern Lights is one of the most magic natural sights on earth.  Due to its close proximity to the planet’s magnetic North Pole, Iceland is one of the best places to witness the flickering green skies of this unusual spectacle, and Season Tours offer several night excursions away from the city lights to places ideal for travellers who wish to witness the aurora borealis for themselves.
The Photography Tour is perfect for those wishing to capture a lasting reminder of the Northern Lights, whilst the Riding and Dining Tour incorporates an invigorating ride on the great Icelandic horse (in partnership with Íslenski Hesturinn Riding Tours) grocery shopping and a delicious gourmet dinner prepared by Chef Tyffi.  True gourmands may prefer the Food and Saga Tour: the highlights of Chef Tyffi’s tour are an exploration of the history and architecture Reykjavík and its neighbouring towns by minibus, grocery shopping at gourmet delicatessens and an invitation to dine in the chef’s own home.  This, Season Tour’s most popular experience, is the best way to learn about the unique and authentic Icelandic way of life. 
Beyond the City

For those wishing to undertake a longer tour, the Golden Circle + South Coast all inclusive two day experience is the perfect way to explore the best of Iceland.  Day one is a full exploration of the famed Golden Circle; highlights include the great Geysir, Þingvellir National Park and the gorgeous Gullfoss Falls.  After a thrilling day of discovery, guests will retire to Hrauneyjar Highland Hotel for a gourmet three course meal; this hotel is situated on the edge of the highlands and is considered to be the last stop of civilisation.  After breakfast, your professionally led tour will continue on to Landmannalaugar and the South Coast; admire the colourful Rhyolite Mountains, visit the Þorvaldseyri Volcanic Visitor Centre and explore the intriguing raufarhólshellir lava tube before returning to Reykjavík.
For a further exploration of the alluring South Coast, undertake two day Jökulsárlón and South Coast  Tour.  Highlights include Sólheimajökull Glacier Tongue, the Urriðafoss, Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss waterfalls, a two hour hike to Svartifoss and Sjónarnýpa and the black sand beach and basalt columns of Reynisfjara.  Guests also have the option of engaging in a glacier hike on Sólheimajökull and a visit to an enthralling ice cave in Vatnajökull.  This longer tour is a relaxing and meandering exploration of the gorgeous coastline, and the perfect way to explore the many unusual wonders of Iceland. 
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