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Ten reasons to visit Slovenia

Ten reasons to visit Slovenia

A country full of beautiful people and breathtaking landscapes – we give you 10 reasons to avoid the crowds this year and unearth one of Europe’s hidden treasure troves.
1.       Location
Slovenia borders on not one, not two, but four other European countries. This makes it incredible easy to extend your stay. Grab an Ice cream in Venice, Italy; party in Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia; tip your toe in the Budapest baths in Hungary; or lose yourself in Vienna, Austria.
2.       Culture
As a result of its close proximity to other nations, Slovenia is rich in culture. Traditional Slovenian cuisine takes cues from Mediterranean, Alpine, and Eastern European dishes. Most Slovenes speak two languages and are greatly influenced by German, Austrian and Italian culture – especially near the borders.
3.       Breathtaking scenery
Slovenia is home to breathtaking vistas such as Lake Bled. No amount of photos can capture the beauty of this lake. Situated in the Julian Alps, the lake is fed by glacial water. In the middle of the water sits an island with a picturesque church sitting atop a rocky mount only accessible by boat or plane.
4.       Great hiking
With so much open space and varying landscapes, Slovenia is the perfect place for a hike. Mt Triglav is a national treasure and even features on the Slovenian flag. It is considered a confirmation of ethnic identity to summit the mountain; every Slovene is expected to climb Mt Triglav at least once in their lifetime.
5.       It’s eco friendly
Slovenia is a green nation. The capital city Ljubljana is one of the most environmentally friendly in Europe and was named European Green Capital for 2016. With traffic restricted to outside the city centre, pedestrians and cyclist are free to wander along the banks of the Ljubljanica River that flows through the city.
6.       History
Slovenia is rich in history. In 2015, the country celebrated its 2,000th year since its foundation as a Roman city. To get a sense of just how old this country is visit the Postojna Caves that have been open to tourists for more than 200 years.
7.       Myths and legends
The country has fabled legends aplenty. Dragon Bridge & Lake Bled both have folkloric tales behind them that wouldn’t look out of place in a Charles Perrault book. As the story goes, if you look closely you might catch the stone dragons on Dragon Bridge twitching their tails or spot a monster in the shallows of Lake Bled.
8.       Everyone is gorgeous
There must be something in the water in Slovenia that makes everyone beautiful. Melania Trump has let this secret out; Slovenia is a country brimming with stunning people, which makes for great people watching.
9.       Haven for winter sports.
Known as the “mother of all jumping hills,” Slovenia is home to the world’s largest ski jump at Planica, an Alpine Valley that runs from the border village of Rateče and extends into the Tamar Valley. Those looking for an extra challenge or inspiration – 60 world record jumps have been set here.
10.   The people to wine ratio is amazing.
There is a vineyard or winery for every 80 people – including the world’s oldest vine, at over 400 years old, in Maribor. The Brda Hills are renowned for Slovenian white wine, especially Rebula, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris, and red wines, such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

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