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The Beauty of Fiji

The Beauty of Fiji

Lautoka is Fiji's second largest city yet still maintains all the peaceful charms of any elegant little village.  The picturesque location has the backdrop of the Koroyanitu (Mt Evans) Range, while down at the waterfront a splendid esplanade stems the low-rise construction, with yachts and cruise ships hanging offshore.  Wide streets are steeped in foliage creating a permanently relaxed ambience.If you head downtown you will still find a vast array of shops, services and large market which provide a pleasant commercial alternative to Nadi without being too bustling.  Be sure to visit the Lautoka Sugar Mill which has been operating here since 1903.  The local economy still relies heavily on sugar trade and in the latter half of the year little sugar trains putt along the main street, which is lined with royal palms.

Fiji’s primary International Airport is situated in Nadi making it the gateway to Fiji and the country’s tourism hub.  It is the main point of entry for many visitors and as a result facilities include accommodation of all kinds, restaurants, nightlife, duty free shopping, sightseeing tours and inter-island cruises.
Visit the Hindu Temple at the southern end of the main street of Nadi.  It is the largest in the Pacific and is very colourful.  Be sure to relax on the Wailoaloa Beach, at a 1/2 mile long the beach located in the northern area of Nadi.  Dont miss out on the Nadi Garden of the Sleeping Giant.  Originally started to make a place for the private collection of tropical orchids of Canadian actor Raymond Burr, this garden now houses many beautiful plants and trails for walking. 
Viti Levu
Viti Levu is frequently referred to as 'the mainland' and is home to around three-quarters of the population of Fiji.  It is the hub of a place where commerce, industry and politics supersedes the idyllic tourism businesses 'offshore' but that is what makes this place appeal to the cultural visitor - the chance to see the real Fiji discovering more than just the sublime shorelines that are on offer and visiting dozens of local villages without the gimmicky hype .  Here you can trek through national parks, freshen up under a waterfall, marvel at the views and history of hill forts or get caught up in the heady hype of a local festival.  Quite simply Viti Levu is all things Fijian that an idyllic beach is not, but if beaches are your thing then be sure to visit the gorgeous Natadola Beach.  It's vast bank of white sands slides into a cobalt sea providing swimming, snorkel, surf or windsurf at an utterly photogenic spot.

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