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The Freedom of the Amalfi Coast

The Freedom of the Amalfi Coast

Stretching roughly 50 kilometres along the southern Sorrentine Peninsula, the Amalfi Coast is one of Europe’s most beautiful and premier destinations for yachting.  Sheer cliffs rise out of the sparkling waters, topped by whitewashed villas and scented lemon groves, whilst the vast and undulating blue sea merges with the cloudless, sun kissed sky. 
A yacht charter gives you the freedom to explore the craggy terrain, scenic beauty and the picturesque towns that put the Amalfi Coast on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1997.  Dotted along the coast, you will discover charming hotspots that boast glamorous nightlife scenes and intriguing histories that you can delve into at your leisure. 
The rugged Amalfi Coast creates many natural, beautiful – and above all, well protected harbours; these secluded bays of shining azure waters that are just waiting for you to drop anchor.  The mild and warm year round climate and consistently pleasant sailing conditions means that chartering here is almost always suitable, providing you with a stress free and relaxing experience. 
This stretch of coast is steeped in the tradition of sailing, and these magnificent waters are sprinkled with charming traditional fishing ports that provided sheltered havens for luxury yacht charters.  The southern coasts of Italy are well known for promoting luxury lifestyles and you can completely submerge yourself into this world of class and elegance.  After an afternoon of shopping in the designer boutiques in Salerno, or a magical evening spent dining in Ravello, retire back to your lavish vessel and be lulled into a blissful sleep by the gently lapping waves.  

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