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The secret tastes of Spain: Five foodie tips

The secret tastes of Spain: Five foodie tips

You may believe Spanish food consisted of just paella and tapas, but that’s really not the case. While yes, they are incredibly delicious, there’s so much more to traditional Spanish cuisine than these two popular dishes. No matter where you go in Spain, you’ll find a delectable range of classic dishes to tuck into, all using fresh ingredients that you may not find anywhere else. Find out everything you need to know about Spanish food with our five foodie tips.

Tip one: Check out the local markets

It may be tempting to eat out every night, but you can get a very authentic taste of Spanish food by cooking at your accommodation. Save some pennies and immerse yourself in the culture by heading to one of the many local markets dotted around Spain. Mallorca is famed for its markets, where you can pick up fresh fruit and veggies along with local specialities such as sobrassada and cheese.
Shopping at the local markets allows you to really get to grips with Spanish dishes, which is bound to make you appreciate it more. This is a particularly good idea if you’re staying in a villa in Spain, as you’ll be able to rustle up some of your own dishes in the kitchen.
Tip two: Sample the seafood

With the Atlantic Ocean based to Spain’s west coast, the Cantabric Sea at the North and Mediterranean Sea at the east, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the locals love their seafood. They have access to a variety of rare species of fish, resulting in a wide range of delectable traditional dishes. If you’re heading to the Basque Country, make sure you try out the Bacalao Pil Pil, which is salted cod fried in garlic and the famous Spanish olive oil.
Try something completely different by tucking into Pulpo a la Feria; boiled octopus with potatoes and paprika. It may sound odd if you’re not used to this type of food, but it is a much-loved dish in Spain.
Tip three: Go vegan in Barcelona

Spain has a booming vegan and vegetarian scene. Barcelona, in particular, has an impressive selection of restaurants. Even if you aren’t normally a veggie-lover, there’s no way you could turn your nose up at the ultra-realistic sushi from Roots and Rolls, or the juicy meat-like burgers and vegan paella from BarCeloneta Sangria Bar. Barcelona’s vegan options are pretty much endless, allowing you to experiment with flavours and textures that you may never have tried otherwise.
Tip four: Try tortilla española

If you haven’t tasted the Spanish version of an omelette while on your travels, you’ve really missed out. Tortilla española is one of Spain’s favourite dishes, probably because it’s so delicious but easy to make. Consisting of eggs, potatoes, oil and salt, you could easily whip this dish up on your own if you fancy staying in. It’s a much heartier dish than your regular omelette, plus you could always add serrano ham or red pepper for extra flavour.
Tip five: Sip wine in La Rioja

Located just south of the Basque country is La Rioja. Famed for its delicious wines, you simply must head here to sample it. Described as elegant and full of character, the wine is worth savouring. Why not head out on a wine tour?

You’ll get to try all of the best wines while learning more about how its made and the history of the area.
Regardless of which part of Spain you head to, you’ll be able to tuck into some delicious delicacies. With so many different dishes to try, trying all the favourites is a challenge worth trying. 

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