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Vacation Trends: What Will Your Holiday be Like in 2018?

Vacation Trends: What Will Your Holiday be Like in 2018?

Thinking about this year's holidays? If you do not want to stay behind, check out the holiday trends in 2018 that the portal reveals thanks to its annual survey. Where will you travel next year?

More than 18,000 people from all over the world have collaborated in the great travel survey of to discover how our holidays will be next year. And it is clear to us that the internet and mobile apps will have a greater role, we will use our friends to travel to unlikely destinations and we will take better care of ourselves on vacation.

1. New technologies will help us to choose destinations

The new information technologies are changing everything. And according to, 29% of travellers "feel comfortable allowing a computer to organise their next trip taking into account the history of their previous trips". Virtual reality also sneaks in and "64% say they would like to use it to try before buying". Power to technology!

2. Dreams become reality

Dreaming is free ... and we all have in our minds a great journey to be made. According to, "45% of travellers have a list of the destinations they have always wanted to visit" (and we think it is a low figure, to be sure). However, in their survey they say that "82% of them intends to cross out, at least, one destination from that list during 2018". The list of destinations includes the Wonders of the World: "almost half of travellers (47%) want to see one in 2018". On the other hand, 35% want to "surprise their palate by trying something typical of the place they visit", 34% "want to go to an island paradise" (and who doesn’t), 28% want to attend "a unique cultural event", 27% "acquire a new skill", 25% "make a great trip by train or road" and the same "visit a remote destination or one that poses a challenge".

3. Return to the past

But it’s not all about looking to the future. 2018 is perhaps also the time to return to the past. 34% of us will choose to "repeat a trip we made when we were children". It appears that family holidays are full of nostalgia ... in fact the millennials are even "more sentimental": the figure rises to 44%. And of course, social networks will continue to play a role in our holidays: 60% of us have "intention to publish something on social networks ... daily".

5. Well-being destinations

According to the survey, this year "there will be 50% more trips related to health and well-being". In addition, 56% of travellers "want to make a trip on foot in 2018".

Not only that, our holidays are becoming more active. Cycling (24%), water sports (22%), a detox vacation (17%), a yoga retreat (16%) and meditating or practicing mindfulness (15%) have started to appear strongly in our list of intentions. And by the way, more than half of us believe that "vacations are the ideal time to reflect and make better decisions about the life we ​​lead".

Another continuing trend is that of self-catering accommodation rather than traditional hotel options. Many travellers, especially younger ones, seek alternatives to conventional hotel and resort accommodation options, such as staying in luxury apartments in Edinburgh or urban lofts in New York, or eclectic townhouses in Paris, for a better travel experience overall.

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