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Visit Jammerbugten

Visit Jammerbugten

Jammerbugten translates to "the Misery Bay," and the area has an outstanding history, with legends rooted in the traditional Danish coastal fishing culture.  Years ago, many misfortunate sailors perished in the rough seas and sand banks off the coast.  Great efforts were put into saving lives at sea and today, Jammerbugten is no longer a misery bay but a lively coastal resort, known internationally as The Bay Denmark.
One of Denmark’s most popular coastal towns, The Bay Denmark is located in the northern region, close to the city of Aalborg (just a few minutes from Aalborg Airport, visitors can take advantage of direct flights to and from a number of major European cities.) The beautiful and diverse nature, wide and pristine sandy beaches and the cosy, authentic Danish countryside have created the perfect setting for you to have a relaxing or active holiday, so discover the charms of Jammerbugten, certainly a land of misery no more.
The Place & the Atmosphere
The resort offers the perfect blend of picturesque rural countryside, medieval churches, ancient castles and a wonderfully welcoming atmosphere; being on holiday in The Bay equals pure tranquillity.  Luxurious holiday homes are also scattered around the countryside, several of them nestled amongst the dunes and only a stone’s throw from the sea.  The Bay is not simply characterised by wide, natural expanses that are just waiting to be explored.  Jammerbugten is also in possession of an arresting history and resounds with stories from the past, whilst the echoes of a unique cultural atmosphere will make for a holiday of meaningful experiences. 
The Culinary Experience 

With a high emphasis on excellent service and exquisite food and of course its unrivalled location, The Bay is full of great addresses for green, local and organic food and drinks.
Enjoy high quality Danish dishes prepared by finest chefs in truly beautiful restaurants and seaside hotels as you gaze out across rolling sand dunes (and beyond them, the steely North Sea), a completely relaxing and tranquil atmosphere (as the Danish would say: it’s hyggeligt – cosy!). 
Svinkløv Badehotel
A truly beautiful seaside hotel, Svinkløv Badehotel is characterised by its romantic atmosphere and excellent cuisine.  Enjoy your morning coffee or a delicious lunch as you enjoy the beautiful views of the ocean or relax outside for hours with an endless pot of tea and a slice of the house special, walnut cake. 
Kokkedal Castle
Experience a romantic getaway at Kokkedal Castle, a well preserved medieval fortress that offers impressive views of the Limfjord.  Kokkedal Castle was built on ruins that dated back to the Middle Ages, and was transformed into a hotel 20 years ago.  The castle is said to be haunted by several spirits –though fortunately, these ghosts are so shy that few visitors chance upon an encounter. 
The atmosphere and location of Kokkedal will transport you to the world of Hans Christian
Andersen; explore watchman’s galleries and search for the secret passage way that passes under the moat.  Each historic guest rooms offers canopy beds, whilst the eight fully furnished holiday apartments provide private terraces and access to a sauna and swimming pool during the summer.  There is also an outdoor tennis and badminton court.  Wine tasting sessions are held every Saturday in the ancient wine cellar; guests have the unique opportunity to enjoy five selected wines and enjoy the glamour that The Bay has to offer. 
The Culture House Blokhus – International Sand Sculpture Festival
Welcome to an exciting adventure centre that hosts eclectic indoor and outdoor events.  A gateway to authentic Danish culture, here you can visit the Rock & Roll Museum, indulge in cabaret shows, concerts and the World Ballet, take the weight off at the Culture Café or explore your creative side at the International Sculpture Festival. 
Experience history and jump back in time to an era when Denmark was ruled by fearsome Vikings, meet kings and emperors and learn about famed warriors as you move amongst incredible sand sculptures.  Expertly and painstakingly crafted, these impressive temporary monuments will relate to visitors the proud history of Denmark and Jammerbugten, reminding you why this beautiful coastal resort is so beloved by visitors and locals alike.
Activities & Events
Try your strength against one of the best mountain bike tracks in Denmark.  The area around Slettestrand offers Denmark's most beautiful and most varied holiday destinations – whilst the hilly dunes form a unique (and perfect) environment for mountain biking.  Svinkløv Plantation offers 20 kilometres of high quality marked mountain, internationally famous for its fantastic single track.
The Centre Slettestrand routinely goes out of its way to welcome cycling guests, providing the optimum conditions for an excellent MTB stay.  Guests can expect healthy, homemade food and access to bike maintenance facilities. 
Rumour has it that the only way to really experience Denmark is by bike.  Biking in The Bay is easy and incredibly relaxing; bike along the beach and lose yourself in the dunes, follow the West Coast Route (Vestkystrute) to the south to Bulbjerg or head north to Lokken.  These two particular routes are part of the National Cycle Routes initiative; not only are they clearly marked but cyclists can also make use of free maps an app to enhance their experience.  Take your camera with you because it’s about to get panoramic.
Horse Riding
Wonderful hosts and the beautiful Icelandic horse; sublime nature and high quality food and wine – an exclusive riding holiday comes highly recommended.  This luxurious experience will lead you through the beach dunes, across moors and through forests, whilst your hosts will also provide luxurious breakfasts, lunch breaks in the scenic outdoors, refreshments in the wineries and exquisite gourmet dinners under the gleam of chandeliers.  Riders can also enjoy a refreshing wellness experience and indulge in massages and luxuriate in hot tubs.  You’ll soon realise it’s easy to combine exploring nature and feeling fabulous.
Golf in The Bay
For golf enthusiasts, The Bay offers astounding courses in the beautiful natural settings of Blokhus, Øland Golf Club, Aabybro Golf Club and Jammerbugten Golf Club.  Enjoy a pleasant round of golf in quiet surroundings and in one of the most beautifully situated golf courses in the northern Jutland with a stunning view over the Limfjord or The Bay; each verdant green has been designed to include challenges such as ponds and international standard bunkers to improve your accuracy and patience.
Denmark has now a tournament on the European Tour.  ‘Made in Denmark’ is from 2014 the title of the new Danish golf tournament on the European Tour.  The venue for the tournament is the recently renovated BACKTEE New Course at Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort.2014 it was a massive success and we’re looking forward for en even better 2015.  The tournament is conveniently close to Jammerbugten and you can make a great holiday combination: experience the European golf tournament during your holiday stay on the coast.
In The Bay, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to explore the gems of nature whilst enjoying an active holiday at the same time.  Hit one of the best mountain bike tracks in Denmark or take your bike out for a spin in the forests, through plantations and along the beaches.  Improve your golf skills, or take your little ones to the third best amusement park for children in the world.  The Bay Denmark has offers a wealth of activities for all the family,ensuring a holiday of endless activity and exploration.
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