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Welcome to Kathmandu

Welcome to Kathmandu

Nepal’s capital and largest city, Kathmandu paves way for those in search of rich culture, historic sites and ancient archaeology.  Whilst the city was once considered a fictional and inaccessible Shangri-La, Kathmandu now serves as a thriving gateway to tourism.  Since the 1960s Kathmandu has continued to draw in travellers to this developing-world city, resulting in an incredible urban growth throughout recent decades.  Although first-time visitors may find such a vibrant city slightly overwhelming, the beauty of Kathmandu is embedded deep within its chaos, as well as the serenity of its countryside.
Whether you’re a history lover, an adventurer or looking to relax, Kathmandu has plenty to offer each and every single traveller.  For those embarking upon an educational trip, the city’s historic sites, ancient temples and shrines, golden pagodas and captivating villages all encapsulate a definitive, beautiful and traditional touristy side to the city.  The Garden of Dreams in particular is a much loved and poignant example of some of the best classical architecture the city has to offer.  In recent years, this developing city has begun to counterbalance its rustic heritage and rich culture of art, music and cuisine - all of which are easily accessible cross the city – with cosy yet high quality Nepali coffee shops – most of which are equipped with free Wi-Fi- Western music and shopping facilities, all ready and waiting to be enjoyed in as little or more depth as possible.
The surprising thing about Kathmandu is that there is no ‘best time to travel’; just a preferable time unique to each and every traveller.  Kathmandu’s hot and monsoonal summer months may not appeal to you and your proposed outdoor itinerary, but it does give visitors the chance to see the flourishing, green countryside that surrounds the city.  For the more active type of traveller, the spring (March to May) or the autumn, (September to mid-December) when the weather is at its most convenient, is generally considered the best time to visit the city.  Granted you bring a few more extra layers, the winter season too offers an equally enjoyable trip, allowing visitors to forgo treks and tours in exchange for a more relaxing visit.  

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