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A Complete Guide to Making Sushi Without Any Trouble

A Complete Guide to Making Sushi Without Any Trouble

Are you a sushi lover? Someone who has uncontrollable midnight sushi cravings and someone whose wallet has had enough? Then do not worry, we have brought to you the most accessible way of having sushi whenever, wherever, and in whatever size and shape you like, be it square, triangle, round, or even in the heart shape! The AYA sushi making kit has it all covered for you just at the comfort of your house.

AYA is a Japanese brand that produces sushi-making kits for you to have it at home, saving you from a trip to the restaurant and all the bills that come along with it. You do not need to be a professional chef to have your favourite dish because, with AYA’s Sushi making kit, it becomes a child’s play. 

Details about the AYA Sushi Making Kit

The kit contains 11 pieces of different shapes and sizes to play around with your sushi. It includes a non-stick rice spreader for the sushi to stay fresh even after hours; an extra sharp knife so you can have perfectly cut, equal, and high-quality sushi slices. In order to ensure comfortable and clean cuts, make sure your blade is a little damp and clean of any rice from the previous pieces. Along with that, the kit includes AYA Bamboo Mats made out of 100% original and finest quality bamboo sticks woven together with cotton strings. 

Special Features of the Sushi Kit

The kit is BPA free and approved by FDA. It is safe to use for children as well as adults. Easily washable and dishwasher friendly. For washing the AYA Bamboo Mats, use mild soap and water and gently scrub it. Make sure there are no rice grains leftover caught in between the sticks. In order to prevent any kind of trapping of sushi ingredients, use plastic wrap sheets. This, along with preventing sticking of leftover rice grains, will also make cleaning easier afterward. Important: do not place your AYA Bamboo Mats in the dishwasher.

The trendy, exciting, and beginner friendly AYA sushi maker promises high quality products that work for years without getting damaged. It is the perfect way for people who are new to cooking get to experience the art of cooking with an easy 5-step sushi making kit. Even though this equipment is a little pricy, it for sure will not burden your pockets; instead, be helpful as it is a one-time investment for readily available, yummiest sushi at hand whenever you crave it. 

Other Options for Making Sushi

If you cannot afford the AYA sushi maker, there are various other options at hand for you to explore and find the best fit for yourself. You can try All in One Sushi Bazooka maker, Sushi Bazooka by Sushedo, Easy Sushi 8507 3.5cm Roller, BambooWorx Sushi Making Kit, Sushi Making Kit By Yombo Sushi, Sushi Chef Sushi Making Kit, Zen Formosa Sushi Making Kit, Sante Cookware Camp Chef Sushezi Roller Kit and Mashta Sushi Making Kit. All the options are the best sushi making kits that make lip-smacking sushi available to you just in a matter of minutes. 

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