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A day at Waddesdon Manor

A day at Waddesdon Manor

Waddesdon Manor is nothing short of immense beauty. I found it quite hard to believe that such a building was established in 1883 as its intricacy is quite breath-taking. I arrived at a car park and I was taken on a shuttle bus to the Manor. It took around five minutes to get from the car park to Waddesdon Manor, as I sat on the shuttle bus I was absorbed by the sheer amount of land surrounding the Manor. It was quite clear that the Rothschild’s owned huge estates. The shuttle bus dropped the visitors off at the front the house, as I stepped off I genuinely felt like I was in a fairy tale. The Manor, so huge and bold, is incredibly beautiful. The statues and water features at the front of the house complemented its foundations and just simply made it stand out.

As I walked closer to the house I could see the finite detail etched into the building, the gargoyles caved into the house reminded me of Disney’s ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ and rightly so as the architect for Waddesdon Manor was Frenchman Gabriel- Hippolyte Destailleur. The subtle French taste is strengthened within the building as each room oozed a distinctive indescribable quality, yet each room felt connected to represent the golden heart of Waddesdon Manor. As I walked from room to room I was taken aback by the sheer detailing of the decor, even the clocks and candleholders resembled the detailing of ‘Lumiere and Cogsworth’ in Disney’s 2017 Beauty and the Beast. I truly felt like a guest. Each room contained man-sized mirrors and paintings of ancestors and landscape where each border is decorated in a golden intricate frame. Even the walls were covered in fine material with a unique pattern scored in the material. The bedrooms were equipped with en suites, dressing tables, beds, chairs and sofas – each item represents a definitive character where the quality is strong and proud. This is certainly a home of Rothschild.

The sheer stunning nature of each room also speaks the same tone within the gardens at Waddesdon Manor. The estate is beyond beautiful, the greenery seems endless and the gardens are carefully matured to perfection so that the hard work of the gardeners can be seen clearly through each window in the Renaissance-inspired home. Behind the Manor a plot of land has been used to cultivate exquisite flowers in an unusual but sophisticated design. Also, there is an area called ‘the stables’ near the Manor House (ten minute walk) which plays host to homemade ice cream and hot food, there is an indoor as well as an outdoor seating area. I felt very content eating and relaxing in the area as the atmosphere was quite vibrant and the seats were comfortable. The stables provided a good area to have a break and take in the refreshing country air. Once I completed by walk of Waddesdon Manor I waited a few minutes for the shuttle bus and then made my way back home, their service was quite prompt and frequent.

Overall I had a spectacular day at Waddesdon Manor, I enjoyed every minute detail as well as the welcoming efforts made by the staff at Waddesdon. I would encourage everyone to visit the house and estate as its history and appearance is truly one of a kind.

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