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Barbara Morris Promotes "Ageless Anomalies Revolution" For Non-Traditional Boomers

Barbara Morris, author of The Expert's Guide To Strut Your Stuff! - How Boomers and New Retirees Can Stay Youthful Longer and Live The Life They Really Want, says she is excited by the response she has gotten to her latest work.

"Readers are encouraged by my unorthodox, in-your-face thinking about the actual meaning of the words 'retirement' and 'senior.' My message is resonating with older boomers and new retirees. It tells me I am on to something," says Barbara.

That "something" according to the 86-year-old pharmacist and editor of the Put Old on Hold Journal and e-Magazine, is that many older men and women don't want to follow horse and buggy tradition and outdated cultural norms as a "retired senior."

Ms. Morris explains, "There is a growing 'hidden in plain view' subculture of chronologically old people who refuse to live a traditional retired lifestyle and instead are living as if the words 'retirement' and 'senior' do not exist. They are productive, independent, growth oriented and accomplishing things traditional seniors are not expected to do. They find fulfillment by living under-the-radar exciting, creative lives."

Morris points to Linda J. Brown, in her late seventies, who's traveled twice around-the-world, alone, on Social Security, a year at a time, owning just two suitcases. She's now planning a third and longer trip around the world at age eighty. Ms. Morris explains, "Linda Brown is doing more than having fun and passing time; she's an accomplished writer and photographer, refusing to trade her independence for the dubious, ho-hum distinction of living as a traditional senior."

Barbara Morris believes the growing subculture of untraditional productive "ageless anomalies" is a reality show waiting to happen.

"Current television shows about unreal 'Real Housewives' who behave like out of control juveniles would pale in comparison to the inspiring lifestyles of productive older anomalies. So far, these inspiring iconoclasts are mostly unknown to the larger world. That's unfortunate, because they're such powerful role models for older men and women who don't want to disappear into traditional, decline-oriented retirement or live an unimaginative, default lifestyle. They need encouragement from others who have broken the mold."

To promote her "Ageless Anomalies Revolution" Morris is offering a free download of her book, The Expert's Guide To Strut Your Stuff! - How Boomers and New Retirees Can Stay Youthful Longer and Live The Life They Really Want. 

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