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Becoming a Christmas Grinch? Then it’s Time to Fly Away

Becoming a Christmas Grinch? Then it’s Time to Fly Away

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – if you can ignore the dreadful weather, chronic flu symptoms and endless loop of festive songs.

The Grinches in all of us really can’t be fussed with Santa’s Grotto, being naughty or nice and awkward conversations with relatives we only see once a year.

And that’s not even mentioning Brussels sprouts – the veggies of Satan – and the polite smile you fake when Aunt Margaret’s brought her homemade soup to dinner again. “Yum, looks delicious,” you tell her, as you swallow another spoonful of festive gruel.

Don’t you want to get away from it all? Don’t you want to put your feet up in some holiday destination that won’t force feed you sprouts and the latest Michael Buble album?

Of course you do. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to some great destinations that will give you a different view of Christmas. So park your car at the Gatwick meet and greet, hop aboard a plane and just get away for a while.

New York

Most famous in festive circles for being the setting of Home Alone 2, New York is a bustling spectacle of hyperbolic festivities come December. From the Thanksgiving fun of Macy’s Day Parade onwards, the city comes alive with events and sparkling lights.

Seasonal markets pop up in all quarters
, although the finest can be found in Chelsea, where husband-and-wife team Amy Abrams and Ronen Glimer vet every product to ensure it’s locally produced and of the highest quality.
Those smoky streets and glistening skyscrapers might not seem Christmassy, but amongst the grit and clamour there is real festive fun to be had.


If you’re searching for sunlight in those winter months then look no further than the blistering heat of Malaga.
Christmas Eve in Malaga plays host to huge feasts in every home, with meals ranging from paella, cured ham, seafood, mutton, turkey and much more.

If you’re not too stuffed after all that, why not head down to one of the many sunny beaches in the area? It could be the first Christmas where you get a tan!


With over 100,000 British expats, Dubai has been capitalising on Christmas for tourists and residents. While it’s not celebrated too openly (Dubai is still a Muslim state), United Arab Emirates (UAE) officials allow traditional meals and alcohol licences to be consumed on certain premises during the season.

Again, it’s an ideal time to beat the Christmas doldrums with the seasonal sunlight bouncing off your skin. Who could ask for more? 

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