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Best Tablets

Best Tablets

Although Tablets have only been a mainstream product for roughly the last five years, they are increasingly popular with travellers. Simultaneously providing a way to keep up to date with work whilst providing a compact and portable screen for watching films and playing games, tablets can also be handily stored in hand luggage and used mid-flight.  For those looking for a new travelling companion, The Luxury Travel Guide takes a look at the best tablets currently available on the market.
Sony Xperia Z2
The Sony Xperia has a number of unique features which make it stand out amongst its competitors. For a start the tablet is waterproof which means watching a film in the bath is possible and it is unrivalled for battery life which can last over 15 hours with continual usage. The only weakness is a complicated charging system, but overall this is a perfect product for those of Android persuasion.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S
Samsung’s flagship tablet is a sturdy and elegant product with the most vibrant screen available.  The resolution is an incredibly detailed 2,560 x 1,600 and the tablet is one of the first to have a fingerprint scanner for security.  The design bears the same iconic dimples as Samsung’s phones range and the SideSync feature will help transfer data to and from your Samsung phone.
Asus Transformer Book
A market leader in the tablet/laptop hybrid industry the Transformer Book is compact and easy to use.  With a much improved processor, a practical keyboard and space for an extra hard drive this is one of the best Windows 8 tablets available.  The silver and black design looks professional and it comes with Microsoft Office software installed which means it’s useful for business and well as play, although it’s worth noting it does not have the fastest processor.
Google Nexus 9
The latest in Google’s range, the Nexus 9 is the first to run software package Lollipop which helps to navigate seamlessly between apps.   The design is sturdy yet slender and the rubber back cover gives excellent grip.  In terms of speed and performance it rivals any competitor and its unique selling point is the new set of front facing speakers which provide the best audio quality on the market.
Ipad Air
Apple has produced one of their finest products to date; this model is even thinner and lighter but crucially not at the expense of speed or battery life.  The design is sleek and elegant and the tablet has a faster processor and more vibrant display than its processors.  The additions of Touch ID and an anti-reflective display mean it’s still the product to beat.

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