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Chomko LA's "Golf Game Clock" Eliminates Slow Play on the Course

A customer service approach that establishes and reduces the time to play a round of golf while maintaining golf's tradition of being a self managed sport. will be showcasing their "Golf Game Clock" at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida. This clock was designed specifically to provide a reliable yet customer friendly approach to the issue of slow play on the golf course. The Pace of Play Clocks are placed on the golf course as a "game clock" to maintain an acceptable pace of play. As Nick Chomko states, "With a glance of the eye, players know whether they are on time. Golf needs a game clock just like football, basketball, hockey, etc. needs a game clock."

Chomko LA has been providing high end solar outdoor clocks to golf courses, thereby, uniting the driving range and practice area with the first tee. In 2014 they launched their pace of play clock as a cost effective way to manage the pace of play problem on golf courses. The golf "game clock" is simple to install, easy to adopt, and allows golfers to manage themselves.

The golfers only need to know their tee/starting time and in turn the golf course only has to set the course's pace of play. Chomko LA recommends 2 clocks on the front nine and 2 clocks on the back nine. The clocks are offset according to the desired pace of play and therefore if the golfers remain on pace, the clocks display the group's tee time throughout their round.

For example, if management wants a "pace" that would have groups arrive at the 4th tee 45 minutes after they tee off, the 4th tee clock is offset by 45 minutes. Therefore, if a foursome teeing off on the 1st hole at 8:00 AM is maintaining their pace of play, they will arrive at the 4th tee in 45 minutes and the clock will show 8:00 am (their starting time). Wherever a clock is placed it will be offset by the course's pace of play.

Throughout the round the placement of the clocks will allow the players to check their time simply by knowing what time they teed off. This is the power and value of the clock by allowing players to see their pace at key points during their round. As Nick Chomko states, "Golfers just need to know their time when they a playing a round and most players will adjust accordingly."

This is a friendly and proactive approach. Instead of putting one member of a foursome in the difficult position of telling another member to speed it up or a course ranger telling the group to speed it up, the Pace of Play Clock is the player's reference. It is the game clock that becomes the reference and it maintains the pace just like the game clock in other sports. There is nothing like a clock to keep you on your pace. For more information please visit:

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