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Christmas Cruises: The Pros And Cons Of A Holiday At Sea

Christmas Cruises: The Pros And Cons Of A Holiday At Sea

Thinking about making plans for a cruise this Christmas? Traveling around the holidays can often be stressful, but maybe you’re wanting to really mix things up this year. Before you book, let’s talk about some of the drawbacks and benefits of taking Christmas cruises. By the end of our list you may be rushing to make your reservation or thanking us for talking you out of a regrettable purchase. Here are some pros and cons to Christmas cruises.

Pro:Christmas Cruises Get You in the Holiday Spirit

Do you enjoy Christmas-themed experiences, but you’ve grown tired of the same old traditions happening in your hometown? A great way to get in the holiday spirit is by booking a Christmas cruise. Several of the most popular cruise lines offer one or more holiday specific cruises each year where you can enjoy Christmas movies, see Santa Claus, and take part in all kinds of yuletide frivolity. These cruises are programmed to prominently feature the Christmas holiday, so getting into the season will be no problem.

Pro: Christmas Cruises are Memorable

If you go on cruises often, your experiences may start to blend together after a while. After all, there are only so many sandy beaches and excursions to enjoy. Christmas cruises are more memorable because they revolutionize the journey by incorporating plenty of seasonal fun. For guests who rarely, if ever, attend cruises, this is a memorable way to see the Christmas season in a new light. Why settle for another holiday being lazy around the house when you can go big?

Con: It May Be Hard to Sell the Entire Family on Christmas Cruises

If you’ve ever tried to coordinate a family gathering, you know just how difficult it can be to get everyone on the same page. Between negotiating meal times with the in-laws to deciding who is going to cook what, a “normal” Christmas dinner can be hard enough to figure out. Whether you want to plan a Christmas cruise for your entire family or just something for yourself, your spouse, and your kids, you may run into some resistance from one or more members of the family.

Pro/Con: Trading Tradition for Something New and Original

Here’s one of the biggest factors to consider when planning Christmas cruises. Are you okay with missing out on some of the traditions offered by the usual Christmas season? Your cruise will only last a few days, but this might mean you’ll have to miss out on a special event at your church or in your community. You may also have to skip a family celebration or two. On the other hand, your cruise will give you some lasting memories you’ll cherish forever. It’s all about deciding what’s important to you.

Pro: Christmas Cruises Cater to Your Seasonal Needs

How many times have you wished for that beautiful Christmas weather with the gentle snow and the fun get-togethers where everyone gets involved? The Hallmark Channel is not the only place where you can find these. Christmas cruises are catered to meet your needs with seasonal treats, parties, and festivities. You’ll get more than enough jingle bell joy with these trips.

Pro: Take Care of Christmas Shopping at the Last Minute

If the shopping is bad in your area or you just don’t know what gifts to buy for those on your list, you may discover the perfect Christmas shopping while on your cruise. Taking a cruise in the winter often means the weather isn’t quite warm enough to fully enjoy the beach activities, but you can still shop around on each island stop and find something just right for your mother-in-law’s Christmas gift.

Con: It’s Hard to Plan Your Holiday Months in Advance

Unless you’re the kind of person who leaves details to the last minute, you’re going to have to plan this cruise months in advance. This is a difficult task for a normal vacation, but mixing in the busyness of the holidays makes it even harder to do. Your extended family may not know when they’ll be celebrating Christmas until after you’ve booked your cruise. On top of family get-togethers, you’ll also have to hope for the best on any other holiday parties going on at this time.

Pro: You Don’t Have to Handle the Cooking and Festivities on Your Own

We all love the food associated with the Christmas season. From smoked ham to peppermint-flavored desserts, there are so many mouth watering options to enjoy. When you decide to take a cruise around Christmas, you get all of the tasty delights minus the work involved in cooking and cleaning. Whether you take a Christmas-themed cruise or a standard option around the same time, you’ll be enjoying luxury during a season when many Americans are slaving away in the kitchen.

Pro: An Upgrade in Weather

As we mentioned before, the weather for Caribbean cruises may not be quite as warm during the winter months. This doesn’t mean, though, it won’t be an encouraging upgrade from the snowstorms happening in Wisconsin or Colorado. Why suffer through freezing temperatures when you could be sitting poolside with a delicious beverage by your side? After all, you don’t have to be wearing four layers of clothing for it to be Christmastime.

Con: Travel May Be Too Much of a Hassle During a Busy Season

Some people are blessed by not having to travel far to visit family during the Christmas season. The rest of us know just how busy the interstate and airports can be. If you’re trying to fly to your port of departure, it may be a little too much hassle between the crowds and the weather. Keep in mind the extra cost and time needed to travel to your cruise during the month of December.

Pro: Exclusive Time Together (Without Any Competition From Friends and Family)

Whether you’re traveling with your significant other or an extensive list of friends and family, Christmas cruises are a wonderful time to enjoy together around the holidays. Christmas at home means having competition with neighbors, church, school, and other family members when it comes to dividing your time off. Taking a cruise means you’ll have exclusive time together with your loved one(s) where no one else can reach you. This could also be fun if you’ve always wanted to do Christmas all on your own.

Pro: You Don’t Have to Go During the Actual Day of Christmas

Even though we’re talking about Christmas cruises, you don’t actually have to take these trips during the actual holiday. Several of these adventures take place throughout the month of December and maybe even beyond the final month of the year, depending on the cruise line. This may make the prospect of taking a Christmas cruise more feasible for you and your family.

Christmas cruises are an exciting opportunity for making lasting memories and taking the cruise experience to the next level. We hope you factor in our list of pros and cons to make the best decision regarding your Christmas plans.

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