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Five Airport Fees that are Worth Spending Your Money On

Five Airport Fees that are Worth Spending Your Money On

It’s never fun to pay extra fees at the airport, but many of us often shoulder the costs due to the convenience they bring. Other times, you may want to upgrade one or more of your add-ons to make your flight more comfortable. Here are 5 airport fees that are worth the upfront fee.

We all want to save money on flights, but there are some add-ons that are too good to pass up. We recommend paying extra for airport parking, baggage fees, seats, and more.

1. Airport Parking

On-site airport parking can be expensive, but the convenience is difficult to beat. If you’re chronically late and need a short or long-term parking option, the airport often comes with 24/7 surveillance, a maintenance staff, and a covered roof, ensuring your car stays protected.

Alternatively, you can park off-site for a more cost-effective option. For example, off-site PDX airport parking offers everything the airport offers and more if you’re able to get to the location and hop on the shuttle in time. You’ll only need 5 extra minutes to make this option work.

2. Baggage Fees

Depending on how long you’re staying overseas, an extra suitcase is more than worth it. Not only will you have another bag to bring souvenirs in, but you’ll also be able to bring more items that make your life convenient. It’s essential to be comfortable wherever you lay your head.

It may also be worth it to pay an extra fee for going over the limit if you want to bring technology, like a game system, with you on your flight. You should also bring a backpack or a large gym bag as your carry-on. That way, you’ll have more ways to pack for a long trip.

3. Pre-Selected Seats 

Airlines have no obligation to seat groups or families together, so if you don’t pre-select a seat, you’re likely sitting alone. Since most people take vacations or business trips in groups, you’ll have little success asking someone to move, meaning you’ll be stuck where you are.

A long trip can be agonizing if you aren’t sitting where you want, either because of your fellow passengers or the size/location of the seat. It’s better to pre-select your seats for the perfect flight. What’s more, you won’t have to arrive at the airport early to select your seats.

4. Meals and Drinks 

Flights that take longer than 3 hours will have a menu filled with cooked food. While airline food isn’t the best quality, and it can be expensive, a full meal can help you relax or feel more comfortable on a long flight. Plus, eating can help distract people with anxiety.

When you book your flight, there should be an option to pre-buy meals and snacks. Long flights that range from 6 to 24 hours will offer complimentary meal services, but you can upgrade for better choices. We recommend upgrading to get a tastier, more nutritious meal on your flight.

5. Cancellation Insurance

Cancellation insurance is one of those things you wish you bought only when you have to cancel your flight. Here’s the problem: no one intends to cancel their vacation. Life can come at you fast. If you want to err on the safe side, cancellation insurance is the best thing you can buy.

While cancellation insurance can be expensive ($40 or more), it will never be as expensive as what you paid for your ticket. If you think you can ask for your money back after not paying for insurance, you’re out of luck. Most airlines will just tell you to buy the insurance next time.

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