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Five Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid

Five Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid

Kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most important rooms in a house. It is a place where families cook delicious dishes and gather for evening meals. A kitchen must be spacious and comfortable, as well as have all necessary equipment and utensils.
Designing kitchen is not easy, as there are lots of things to consider. If you want to design or redesign your kitchen, check the list of 5 common kitchen design mistakes that you should avoid.
1) Do not waste or minimize storage space
Kitchen must be spacious, so that cooking in it was comfortable. If your kitchen is small, do not choose oddly-shaped cabinets and other furniture that take too much space. Instead, opt for compact and functional furniture, where you will keep all your kitchen stuff.
2) Do not cut off kitchen traffic
The main work centers of any kitchen are: refrigerator, sink, and stove or cooktop. It is crucial having a free access to each of these centers and walking freely between them. Do not clutter your kitchen with useless furniture that you will bump up against any time moving to the sink, stove or refrigerator
3) Do not neglect countertop work space
The lack of countertop work space is a huge drawback of a kitchen design. It is necessary having enough space to place all your appliances, as well as enough space for food preparation. Consider all appliances and activities that require countertop. It is also crucial to find the right balance between the work and display countertop areas.
4) Poor Lighting
Any kitchen should have a good lighting. It is recommended having 3 types of lighting: general lighting, task and accent lighting. Make sure you have enough lighting above the main working areas. To make working areas brighter, you can use pendant lights.
5) Absence of Cooker Hood
Even the best kitchen design will be spoiled by the foul smell. Avoiding unpleasant smell when cooking is possible with a good cooker hood. If you do not want your neighbours to know what you have for dinner, invest money in a decent hood.  Effective ventilation system will also help prevent the penetration of odor to other rooms.
If you want to redesign your kitchen or any other room, SF Remodeling construction Company is ready to help. This company offers a full range of construction services and works with both residential and commercial customers. If you are not sure how to make your kitchen comfortable and need help to avoid the above mentioned kitchen design mistakes, just let the professionals help you.  

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