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Frequent Flyer Guide: Tips And Tricks To Travel Smart Every Time

Frequent Flyer Guide: Tips And Tricks To Travel Smart Every Time

Millions of Americans travel every day, and thousands of them are frequent flyers. If you are one, a good part of your life will be spent on flights, shuttling between cities and states for regular business travel. People working in specific professions such as journalists and travel bloggers can expect to fly often as well. Life can be pretty exciting as you explore different destinations, but frequent flying can be challenging too.

There are delays and hassles as you land and depart from the busiest airports in the country. You cannot overlook the fatigue it can cause, while airport commutes and parking can burn a hole in your wallet. The best thing to do is to be smart with travel planning so that you can save time and money and cut down the hassles of frequent flying. Here is a guide you can follow to travel like a pro every time.

Prioritize Overnight Flights

Traveling overnight is a good idea as it can save you from traffic jams and jostling through the crowds at the airport. The flights are also less likely to be crowded, so it makes sense to choose them in the era of social distancing. You may lose a bit of your sleep, but it is worth the time you save by reaching the hotel early. Reaching early means you can probably catch up on a couple of hours of sleep before you have to get ready for the meeting. It is also a good idea to book overnight while returning home because you can sleep well in your bed at home. Once you start picking these flights, they may seem like the best options.

Check-in Online

Frequent flyers often check-in online as it can eliminate the stress of standing in queues at the airport. Once you are there, you can check your luggage and quickly breeze through security. It is a common practice now, as airlines consider it a good way to limit crowds at their desks. Checking in online has benefits beyond cutting time and stress. It lets you choose your favorite seats as well, so flying every few days becomes as easy and enjoyable as you want it to be.

Back Up Your Documents In The Cloud

Now that smartphone technology is accessible to all, even the non-techie American flyers are using it to their advantage. You can create copies of essential documents like your passport, travel insurance policy, scans of your credit cards, and itinerary confirmations and have their backups in the cloud. The list only got longer this year as you need your Covid tests and vaccination proof as well. A cloud backup gives you peace of mind as you never have to worry even if you misplace or forget these documents back home. Just make sure that you use passwords and encryption for security.

Book An Airport Parking

Another way to make your frequent trips hassle-free is by booking your parking when you embark from your city. You need to do it all the more if you live in one of the big cities like Chicago because airports are likely to be super-busy, and getting space to park your car can be a struggle. You can easily reserve Parking at Chicago O'Hare Airport by collaborating with a third-party booking agency. The facility gives you an assurance that your vehicle will be safe while you are away. It also includes a to-and-fro shuttle service to get you to the airport or back, so you need not stress about the cost of transit.

Pack Like A Pro

If you fly frequently, you will have ample practice for packing like a pro. The best piece of advice is to travel light, carrying only as much as you need. Keep the important things in your hand luggage for easy reach. The passport and boarding pass should be in the outer pockets so that you can take them out just when you need to. While waiting in the queue, you can take your loose change, keys, and phone out of your pockets to avoid any hassles. Also, ensure that you take off your metal belt because you will not want to set off the alarm and get undue attention.

Maintain A Packing Checklist

While you must pack smartly, having a packing checklist saves a lot of time and effort if you are always on the go. A checklist also ensures that you will not miss out on anything. You can simply access the list and check the boxes because the items will remain the same for almost every trip. Have essentials such as your phone charger, laptop charger, prescription medicines, and personal care items. Go through the expiry dates of medicines every time you pack. Double-check the stuff before packing and leaving for your destination. Repeat the same step when you pack at your hotel room because you will not want to forget anything.

Bring Your Own Snacks And An Empty Water Bottle

Packing some snacks along in your carry-on is a good idea if you travel often. While you have the option to pick them from airport cafes, they can cost more than the actual price tags. Moreover, you will end up eating unhealthy snacks full of added salt and sugar. Carrying healthy snacks such as wholegrain cookies, nuts, and granola bars works because they keep you full and energized, and you will not have to spend a lot. Bring a reusable water bottle because there are restrictions on the quantity of liquid you can carry. A reusable bottle lets you fill the bottle from a drinking fountain, so you will not have to shell out several dollars for drinking water.

Being a frequent flyer need not be a big challenge because you can adapt your lifestyle and travel habits for the best experiences every time you board a flight. Just follow these tips, and you can save time, money, and effort with your regular work trips. You will rather enjoy the adventure of always being on the go. Happy flying!

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