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Google Glass Hits The UK

Google Glass Hits The UK

Tom Unwin

The most talked about and anticipated gadget of the past year which has been available for US consumers for the past months, has hit the UK this week. 

Glass is a light frame with a display above the right eye, enabling users to browse the internet, read emails and various other activities linked to your smartphone device via a Bluetooth link. Wearable over prescription glasses and also available with prescription lenses, Glass has great potential to fit seamlessly into our lives. It is still very much a device that is in development with Google’s team constantly refining and tweeking aspects of the product before it is made available to more consumers.

Glass has been praised for many of its features, including the compatibility with iPhone, the device’s comfort and versatility, alongside its cutting edge technology. However, on the downside, it does take some getting used to in order to master the devices capabilities and its Bluetooth link is sure to drain the battery on your smartphone, cutting short the advertised one day usage time.

On sale to over 18’s through the Google Explorer programme for £1000, Glass is definitely a product for early adopters and extroverts as it certainly isn’t, yet, a product worn by many consumers and still far from becoming a social norm.
Overall, Glass is certainly a product I feel will eventually take off and take the world by storm, but it’s going to take time to perfect the device but at this stage, and many consumers won’t be happy to pay £1000 to be Google’s Beta testers.

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