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If Money Was No Object, Where Would You Go?

If Money Was No Object, Where Would You Go?

If money were not an issue, U.S. adults would most want to vacation in Hawaii and Italy, according to Click here for more information:

The most popular domestic destinations are Hawaii, Florida, California, Alaska and Colorado.

  • Hawaii received very strong support from women; men ranked Hawaii third behind Florida and California.
  • Millennials picked California first, Florida second and Hawaii third. All other age groups put Hawaii number one.
  • Independents went with Hawaii at the top, Democrats selected California and Republicans chose Florida.

Internationally, the top of the list includes Italy, Australia, France, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

  • Italy garnered widespread support: it's the preferred destination for men, women, Republicans, Democrats and all age groups.
  • Independents have Australia #1 and rural residents most want to visit Ireland.
  • Seven percent of respondents said they would not leave the U.S. even if all expenses were paid.

The survey also found that 47% of American adults would go on vacation alone (28% have already done so and 19% would be open to it someday). Solo travel is most appealing to millennials: 58% would do it, including 26% who already have.

"Traveling solo is an enriching opportunity that we're seeing many young adults gravitating towards," Sarah Berger, founder of, says. "Maximize your money by using travel credit cards to book your next adventure. You can score sweet rewards like discounted flights and hotel perks, while often avoiding foreign transaction fees."

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