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International Shipping Made Easy: Vyking Ship Opens Doors To World Market

International Shipping Made Easy: Vyking Ship Opens Doors To World Market

 Vyking Ship officially launched in November 2014, and provides package forwarding and package consolidation services to its customers around the nation and world.

Top-notch customer service. Lowest possible prices. Transparency. These three concepts are the driving force behind the shipping industry's newest business, Vyking Ship.

"We've really built our business on giving our customers honest and accurate information, saving them as much money on shipping as possible, and making ourselves available when they need us," General Manager Clinton Lahue said. "We want to make them more like a partner with us, rather than a distant customer we have no connection with."

Vyking Ship launched in November 2014 and provides package forwarding, package consolidation, expedited processing and other services to customers all around the world who want to shop U.S. stores online.

"Many times U.S. retailers don't offer international shipping, and if they do the costs can be insane," Lahue said. "We provide a way for our customers to be able purchase items within the U.S. and get those items shipped to them wherever they may live at an affordable rate."

Customers are set up with a U.S. address through Vyking Ship and can use that address when shopping online. Purchased items get shipped to the Minneapolis warehouse and can be repackaged or consolidated in a way to get the lowest shipping rate possible through FedEx or the United States Postal Service. The best part? Signing up and maintaining an account are simple and free.

"Almost all of our competitors have different account types—with higher tier accounts resulting in a monthly fee," Lahue said. "We have only one type of account and it's free. We don't need to charge people to be a part of our organization."

There are also no setup fees, storage fees or hidden fees, and every service is available to every customer, allowing Vyking Ship to tailor its services to customer needs. Vyking Ship's website also boasts a shipping calculator that allows customers to enter all shipping information and get the exact shipping costs.

There's also a referral program that allows customers to earn discounts on non-postage fees, and the company guarantees its work.

"We stand behind our work," Lahue said. "We guarantee our timelines, and if we don't get to it in time the processing is totally free."

For standard requests, Vyking Ship guarantees it will start processing within 16 business hours of receiving the request. For those who want faster service, Vyking Ship also offers its Expedited Processing Plus, which guarantees the company will start processing within just two business hours. For those needing to transport urgent and time-sensitive shipments, utilizing hot shot loads can be an effective solution to ensure fast and reliable delivery. 

"I'm going to do what I can to make sure each of our customers gets the most honest and best service," he said. "Not just good service, but the best service that will help save them money and get the items they want."

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