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Lost And Found Just Went Digital With The Internet Of Things

Lost And Found Just Went Digital With The Internet Of Things

By Josh Hill

Use the Internet of Things with the Find My Stuff iOS App and iBeacons to Find Missing Items.

What is more annoying than losing things? Open Media LLC has developed a solution to the irritation of searching for hours on end for keys and other valuables. By linking iBeacons, with a really simple to use iOS app called Find My Stuff, they’ve made losing stuff, then finding it again, simple and even fun. The team at Find My Stuff is ready for their app to be tested by the general public, especially those of us who tend to mislay important things.

Alex Miller, head of dev team at Open Media LLC said, “We wanted to make life easier and more to make losing stuff less stressful. We looked at some solutions on the market, and found that at the minute, bluetooth beacons can only be used with native mobile apps, our idea was to change this restriction, making an app that is super user friendly and reliable and that will support all beacons manufacturers.”

The Open Media LLC team have created a simple to use, but very powerful mobile app, called, Find My Stuff. Find My Stuff does what it says on the tin, it finds your stuff if you lose it. Powered by a tiny transmitter (in the form of a small sticker) the Find My Stuff app can locate any object that has the transmitter attached. You can stick it on keys, the remote control, even the family cat if you want to (they advise using the cat’s collar in this case). It works with all popular iBeacons and will shortly work with all beacon models. It links you and your stuff together through your phone, giving you peace of mind; you no longer have to search the house for hours for those missing car keys.

The Find My Stuff app is currently at the beta stage and at the moment only for the iOS, but other supported phone types are coming soon. The company is looking for volunteer testers, or in other words, anyone, who loses their stuff from time to time. If you’d like to be one of the first to use this amazing app, then contact the Find My Stuff guys on

About Open Media LLC: Open Media LLC is a team of individuals committed to building truly useful mobile apps. They see iBeacons as part of the wider Internet of Things (IoT) and a great way to connect people with objects. The philosophy of the Find My Stuff people is a belief in the cooperativeness of individuals; they are firm believers in reciprocal altruism and the need for human beings to help one another for the greater good of the group. The Find My Stuff team will use the Internet of Things to develop ties within the wider world community, starting with finding those pesky lost objects.

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