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Lottery Over Love

Lottery Over Love

A new survey, sponsored by online lottery pool LottoLishus, asked 418 individuals between the ages of 18 and 60+ what they would do with their lottery winnings and what, or whom, they would be willing to live without.

The survey found that:

• Surprisingly, 58.37% said they would want to win the lottery over being famous (3.35%) or find the love of their life (38.28%). With all the people using online dating these days, it might be easier to win the lottery.

• 3.9% of people surveyed would give up their spouse for a lottery winning of less than $10,000, while 9.33% would give them up for $100 million or more. Fortunately, most people surveyed (77.99%) said they wouldn't give up their spouse for any amount. At least romance isn't completely dead.

• A vast majority of those surveyed (70%) said that money can't buy happiness, but 30% said it can get you pretty darn close.

While the survey asks standard "what would you do?" questions, it also asks some not-so-standard questions like which sports team would be purchased, (the Dallas Cowboys were highest at 30.38%) or what band they would have play a party (Rolling Stones at 44.02%). Granted, those last two would take a pretty sizable win to pull off.

Other interesting findings:

• 62.68% of people, despite disliking their in-laws, would not give up their mother in law for any type of lottery winning. 13.64% said they would give her up for less than $10,000. Just enough to buy their spouse an apology gift.

• Pretend you just hit $100 million lottery jackpot. Which of these would you be most likely to do first?
Roll around naked in $100 bills (1.91%)
Give money to the homeless (12.20%)
Quit your job (24.88%)
Invest half of it (61%)

• What would you be most likely to do if you found a winning lottery ticket on the street?
Keep it for yourself (65.07%)
Try to find the owner (33.01%)
Destroy it (1.91%)

The survey was conducted online by Holos Research on behalf of LottoLishus. A total of 418 individuals were polled, with a margin of error of 5%.

For full survey results, please visit

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