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Lovbird Returns With A Whole New Line of Graphic Tees, Plus Tunics And Infinity Scarves For The Toronto Yoga Conference

Lovbird Returns With A Whole New Line of Graphic Tees, Plus Tunics And Infinity Scarves For The Toronto Yoga Conference

Eco-Conscious Clothing Means Living Ethically; Lovbird Offers Beautiful Designs and Organic Cottons.

Being a socially responsible company is important to Lovbird because it was founded on the belief that in order to continue to live well on this planet, it needs to be taken better care of. This means recognizing the significance of being eco-friendly, understanding global as local, and treating fellow humans and nature alike with the utmost respect.

Artist Maureen Bradshaw created Lovbird Design for the purpose of bringing a splash of colour and educating others on the purpose of eco-consciousness in the world. When designing, she draws meaningful, sometimes light-hearted words and images that can inspire others to think differently about how we treat ourselves, others and the world around us. Her designs are all about looking good, and living well. Lovbird Tees are made from soft organic cottons, manufactured in a verified fair-wage factory in India.

Why is Ethical Clothing Important?
Often clothes are sewn by real-life people living in undeveloped parts of the world. When we buy clothes and products with a disregard about where they have come from and how they have been manufactured, we tell the big fashion industry moguls that it is okay to treat people unfairly when we buy into whatever products they produce unethically. Very low prices are a strong indicator that people are being treated unfairly. Sweat shops and unfair labour are a violation of human rights, and a far too common practice. It is our responsibility as consumers to make ethical decisions about how we spend our money, and send a clear message about what we expect from our clothing companies.

Organic Cotton
Conventional cotton often has chemical traces in it which makes it unwearable for those with allergies and sensitive skin. It can also be a severe irritant for babies and children. Organic cotton, on the other hand, is easier to wear, and safe for the environment. While the farming of conventional cotton uses harmful insecticides, and other chemicals, much of which ends up in our bodies and food. By purchasing organic cotton, we can support organic farmers who make an effort to protect our planet.

Organic Dyes
When it comes to fashion, expressing yourself is so important. Colours and designs are a great way to do that, but dyes use harsh chemicals that are not eco-friendly. Ethical clothing uses safe dyes, natural products that are primarily made of things you can find in any backyard. Nature offers a range of fabulous colours, with a myriad of bright hues. Coloured water is recycled through a chemical treatment plant so that there is minimal impact on the surrounding environment. There’s really no need to turn to harsh chemicals to get eye-popping red or luscious blue. Organic dyes are just one more way to show you care about the planet and that you are eco-conscious.

Our organic women’s clothing brand is not only about looking after the environment, it’s also about art. The designs are meant to renew your spirit, and motivate happiness in each and every customer. That’s what makes them the perfect, eco-conscious, feel-good clothes.

We offer short sleeve tees, long sleeve tees, tunic dressess, and infinity scarves.

And this spring, we will unveil our new graphic tees at the Toronto Yoga Conference & Show.

Lovbird is an online store designed in Toronto, Canada to make your wardrobe brighter and mother nature smile.

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