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Luxury in London: London Luxury Quarter

Luxury in London: London Luxury Quarter

By Jodee Hill

When describing the word luxury, a glimmer of words spring to mind such as; elegance, comfort, grandeur and magnificence, just to name a few. Some countries and cities may also cross one’s mind; for instance, Dubai is renowned for its expensive taste and opulent lifestyle, with its crystal clear ocean and their mind defying architecture that never fails to impress. However, you do not always have to travel overseas to get an essence of luxury. Yes, I understand that when you think about England it does not exactly create the same picturesque scene as Dubai. There are no glistening seas or temperatures hitting 40 degrees Celsius, but what we do have is years of culture and heritage that makes our little country literally a ‘land of hope and glory’.

London, one of the most famous cities on the planet, a leading global city with fine art, entertainment, fashion, finance, media, tourism and dining... the list is endless. Despite lacking in golden sandy beaches, top temperatures or palm islands; elements that people may consider as the ideal ‘dream destination’, our city certainly makes up for it with the strengths that it has to offer. Now, as this post is all about luxury, why not kick start you off by exploring the wonders of London’s Luxury Quarter.

London Luxury Quarter
As stated in its name, it is all about luxury. The quarter covers 42 streets and attracts expenditure on prestigious brands equivalent to around £3bn retail spend per annum within the region. This scheme has now positioned the area as the optimum place to visit for a mix of the world’s most supreme goods in the fashion, jewellery, dining, accommodation, leisure, arts and culture sector.

Shop in style and browse through the best of British craftsmanship that offer some of the most niche and chic brands that are tucked away in London’s reputable stores and boutiques. This upmarket wonderland for shopping is situated on New Bond Street and Old Bond Street surrounded by the world known store Selfridges and the five star Langham Hotel.

 Want a luxury dining experience? The London Luxury Quarter is home to 23 Michelin starred restaurants alongside many more dining attractions, offering a variety of tastes and cuisines. These eminent restaurants include The Ritz London, Hix Mayfair, Quince, Bellamy’s and many more.

If it is culture you are interested in, the London Luxury Quarter has an abundance of culture from the prominent Royal Academy (RA) to independent galleries like Hauser & Wirth. The RA have much in common with a selection of museums and other galleries and aim to promote the appreciation and understanding of art and its practice.

Finally, if you want to shop and explore such luxury, why not stay in luxury. Whether you want to visit for business or pleasure, the London Luxury Quarter has 18 five star hotels with a mixture of traditional and modern architecture to suit all wants and needs.  A couple of acclaimed hotels have already been mentioned, but if you would want to get inspired and discover what other hotels the quarter has to offer visit
There you have it, a quick and simple overview of one of London’s luxurious ways that it presents itself with to guide you to a tasteful and elegant visit. All in all, stating that you do not have to travel far and wide to get the best of the best as some of the most finest goods can be right on your doorstep.

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