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Luxury Travel Consultant - the best job in the world?

Luxury Travel Consultant - the best job in the world?

Tom Unwin

In the recent past headlines have featured the demise of travel agents, as online booking engines have taken a foothold and started to dominate the market. However, as Jean Newman Glock reports in the Huffington Post, has the obituary been written prematurely, and is it one of the best professions out there?

The rise and rise of the internet changed the travel consultant’s job dramatically as the general public took to straightforward online booking engines, as such the need for a travel specialist has arisen, and that of a luxury travel specialist could be the best job in the world.

Travel is the second most researched topic on the internet as people search for assurances over destinations, accommodation, bars and restaurants, with some holding trusted travel advisors in the same regard as their financial advisors. 

The best travel consultants spend months travelling and exploring every year to stay up to date and can provide the most trusted advice, and are not biased apart from trying to find the best match for their client.

The life of a luxury travel consultant is certainly not one to be sniffed at, spending months travelling the world, being wined and dined by those wanting to impress them and making vast sums of money at the same time.

Surely a life travelling the globe at some of the most exclusive destinations ranks the job of a luxury travel consultant as one of the best jobs in the world?

Adapted from the Huffington Post 

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