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One to Watch

One to Watch

By Jodee Hill

When asking people what the number one luxury watch brand is, 90% of people will say Rolex. But! Is there a time in the future, potentially the near future, where Rolex will lose the fight for its crown? Will the likes of Cartier claim the number one position; after all, as King Edward VII said, Cartier is the ‘jeweller of kings and king of jewellers’. For instance, when a mounted Cartier Burmese sells for a massive $30, 335, 698 at the Sotheby’s auction in Geneva, the brand has to be the definition of extravagance and luxury.

The difference between Rolex and Cartier is that when talking about the Rolex brand, your mind immediately thinks watches, whilst Cartier is more focused on other aspects of jewellery. Despite this, Cartier’s in house movement has seen the likes of their watches increase in brand perception, with their watches being more recognised as the must have luxury watch brand alongside Rolex. When considering some of the prices of Cartier’s watches, the prices seem unimaginable. To even think of spending £181,000 on a watch that does exactly the same as one that you can buy at your local supermarket seems crazy! But no, owning a Cartier watch offers much more than the time, it gives you years of history and heritage that sits right on the end of your arm. It says, look at me, a prime example of success, sophistication and elegance. It says, look what I can afford; it becomes an asset rather than just a plastic ‘made in China’ product that can be bought anywhere.

Something as simple as a watch, offers many connotations to who you are as a person. It can divide you between class and status, shows your wealth and exclusivity.  To some this may make you look cocky and arrogant, but then again, you’ve earned it, so flaunt it. Owning such luxury gives you a sense of pride and why not be proud of something that you deserve. Treat yourself to the finer things in life. Rolex market their products as ‘a crown for every achievement’. The word ‘achievement’ evokes accomplishment; a reward for hard work and determination. Similarly to Rolex, Cartier offers the same values, being the ‘king’ of jewellers, basically being the best, being in control and respected for what they do. Hence, a feeling of accomplishment will also be felt when purchasing such grandeur.

Rolex currently has number one position in the watch world, but time is ticking and Cartier, along with other brands such as Omega for example, are too scouting out for number one position in the luxury market and maybe one day, their cogs will turn all that much quicker than Rolex and take their number one position as the best luxury watch brand in the world. 

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