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Planning a Destination Wedding? Experts Provide Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Questions

Planning a Destination Wedding? Experts Provide Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Questions

You're recently engaged to the love of your life.The butterflies and warm fuzzy feelings that are circulating are contagious. But what's also circulating is a plethora of questions about your big day. Who pays for what? How many guests are likely to attend your destination wedding? Should you create a wedding website and what information should be included? Vacation ( – a travel site centered around life moments and why people travel – has created a visual guide to your destination wedding. From questions about how much the average destination wedding costs and who pays for what, to the average number of guests likely to attend, Vacation's interactive guide ( helps answer questions before you say 'I do.'


"The guide we created is designed to be a fun and interactive way to answer any questions a couple may have regarding their destination wedding," said Brian Hegarty, Vice President of Marketing for Vacation. "We provide recommendations on how soon you should send out your save-the-date cards, whether you should expect gifts, guidelines for your wedding website, and so much more."

The Visual Guide to Your Destination Wedding provides users with an interactive experience that provides answers to some of the top questions couples might have leading up to the big day. Did you know: 

  • The average trip duration for your guests: 4 days
  • The average cost of a destination wedding: $17,000 (compared to $32,600 for a local hometown wedding)
  • The average number of guests in attendance: 48
  • 50 percent of the guests invited will attend
  • 60 percent of couples pay for the weddings themselves

The biggest question couples have when planning their destination wedding is who is responsible for the various costs. Beyond the stats, Vacation provides a breakdown of the basic rules of who pays for what.

  • Bride, Groom or Parents: The cost of the rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception, cost of transportation for all guests to the ceremony and reception if it is not located on-site.
  • Guests: Their plane ticket to and from the destination, hotel stay, any meals or beverages that are not part of the wedding festivities, and any non-wedding activities.
  • Attendants: Travel to and from the destination, formal wear and accessories, hair, makeup or spa appointments and any food, drinks and activities that aren't part of a wedding event.

"What's also beneficial about this guide is a section of etiquette do's and don'ts," added Hegarty. "We guide the couple on topics such as what additional events and activities they should plan for their guests and how they can establish social media guidelines. Designed with the input of our travel agent experts who have planned and attended hundreds of destination weddings, Vacation has you covered."

Vacation is a celebration of why people travel and its six categories—including Play (Adventures + Events), Unwind (Resorts + Spas), Bond (Families + Groups), Celebrate (Weddings + Honeymoons), Savor (Food + Wine), and Explore (Destinations + Cultures)—are filled with rich content. The articles, online quizzes, videos, infographics, and podcasts are designed to help modern travelers plan a vacay they're going to love. In fact, it will be Love at First Travel. #LoveUrVacay

Vacation inspires, informs and guides travelers throughout their planning process, making every step—from researching a destination to connecting with the ideal travel expert—as rewarding as possible. The content-rich website is powered by Travel Leaders Group (,one of the industry's largest travel agency companies, with annual sales over $21 billion through over 7,000 locations. Check out Vacation at or on social media at #LoveUrVacay.

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