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Prepare A Perfect Christmas Holiday In Italy In 2014

Prepare A Perfect Christmas Holiday In Italy In 2014

This year, just as in every single year, there will be many that will travel to Italy for their Christmas holidays. This holiday is one when people are aware of the fact that there are celebrations that will happen, which is different than with other trip planning. Planning your Christmas travel to Italy will take you away from the Tuscany hidden gems and will put you straight in the middle of festivities.

Italian Christmas

Christmas in Italy (locally referred to as Natale) involves many nativity scenes as Christmas décor. As Italy starts to get money to create new jobs, the focus on tourism is growing so you can expect to see the nativity scene in various parts of the country.

Besides the scene, you will also see holiday season symbols like La Befana, a witch on a broomstick that is a positive presence and, of course, Santa Claus.

Food For Christmas

Whenever travelling to Italy, it is a guarantee you will end up indulging yourself in local cuisine. This holiday season we recommend that you allocate a part of your budget for meals since there is so much to experience. The traditional meal that is served during Christmas Eve will be meat-free and on Christmas day, everything is centered round meat. However, the dessert will be the one that you will love the most, with various regional specialties, although Panettone will be what you will most often be offered.


Northern Europe shows a prevalence of Christmas markets. In various parts of Italy you will end up right in the middle of a market, which is one thing you will absolutely love since there are various festivities combined with the event and you can indulge yourself in more traditional food.

Traveling During Christmas Holidays In Italy

According to, Christmas is not the main holiday celebration in Italy. However, it is one of the major ones. Before you book your flight to Italy, you will need to remember a few things.

For starters, this season is right in the middle of a low season in Italian tourism. It is just a minor spike. The prices for hostels and hotels will be a little higher than early December. You should seriously consider booking in advance. That is especially true in the event you plan to visit a holiday pilgrimage site like Rome.

Holiday transportation is tricky because of the fact that buses and trains will run on the holiday schedules. This basically means that they are a lot less frequent. Everything still works but a longer waiting period will be necessary. At the same time, train cars will be crowded, just as city buses.

Extra Tips To Consider:

1.       Buy your ticket in advance for practically anything so that you can avoid long lines. This is true for anything you may do between December 23 and December 26.
2.      Do not go anywhere during the mentioned time frame.
3.       Many attractions are going to be closed on December 25, with others being closed on December 24th.

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