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Reasons for Trying Out Life Drawing

Reasons for Trying Out Life Drawing

Nude drawing was a taboo for a long time. Anything that involves nudity is something people frown at. The truth is that there’s no reason to discredit this form of art. Several people are into life drawing, and it’s worth doing. Besides, it’s already 2020. There’s nothing wrong in appreciating the human body as an art form. It’s how you view the subject that matters. If you still hesitate to try it out, these are some reasons why you should.

It will make you a better artist

Drawing real-life images can be complicated. It's even more difficult if it involves actual human beings. You have to be careful in creating specific body parts. Otherwise, your drawing might quickly go south. Practising your skills drawing a real human isn't easy. It involves several attempts and a mastery of technique. Hence, it would help if you tried joining life drawing classes to boost your skills. Human forms are timeless. Some of the most significant artists in history attempted to include humans in their masterpieces. 

You become more open-minded

If you have a more conservative upbringing, it might be difficult for you to paint someone nude. You will find it challenging to deal with the private parts. If you keep practising with human subjects, you will feel more comfortable. You might only be dealing with a nude image, but the process opens your eyes towards other matters. 
You will accept your flaws
If you attend different life drawing sessions, you will realize that bodies come in different forms and sizes. Not all of them are the same. These bodies usually have flaws. Even the most beautiful face may hide a flaw underneath the clothes. It makes you realize that there’s nothing wrong in having flaws. They’re part of what makes you a human being. You will also learn to appreciate what you have and not compare yourself with others. 

It can be a relaxing process

In a room where there are artists and models, there’s no judgement. The models will pose for the artists, while the artists continue their work. You will be in a quiet room for about two hours. You might have a hard time figuring out your approach, but the entire process can be relaxing. You won’t feel forced to finish the drawing quickly. You also need not follow detailed instructions. You decide how you want to improve your work and be a better artist. 

You can consider life drawing classes for the hen do if you’re organizing a party. You can also look for scheduled courses and attend the regular sessions to improve your craft.

If you decide to give it a shot, you need to enter the room with an open mind. You need to forget your biases. Enjoy the process and be in the moment. You know that the goal is to improve your craft, and you have to do whatever it takes to reach it. You can also make friends with other people in the room who share your passion. 

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