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Resolutions 2015 To Improve Your Time Management Skills

Resolutions 2015 To Improve Your Time Management Skills

New Year’s Resolutions now? Yes, that’s right! This is the perfect time to make serious, lasting improvements to the way you work.

“Our past decade of surveying how people implement change in their work habits has clearly indicated that early February, after the 'holiday bloat' and 'catch-up fever' subside, is the perfect time to institute dynamic work habit improvements which will help you get more of the right work done in less time and with less stress,” according to Lynn Sherman, President of PEPworldwide-US.

“The following eleven New Year’s Resolutions are proven work habit tips, tools, and techniques gathered from our PEP® colleagues around the world. Our advice is to select only one habit at a time to work on improving. When you master one new habit then, and only then, select another habit to work on improving. Multitasking does not work,” Sherman continued.

The 2015 Work Improvement and Time Management Resolutions are:
1. Institute PEP®’s 60/50™ Meeting Rule. All 60 minutes meetings will last only 50 minutes. All 30 minutes meetings will last only 20 minutes.

- 60/50™ can recover 3.5± weeks per year of your valuable time.

- 60/50™ will also allow you to actually get to your next next meeting on time. (US)

2. Update your Task/To Do list in parallel with Calendar before leaving the office. This will “empty” your head and you will sleep through the night. (Sweden)

3. No scroll Bar in your Inbox at the end of the work day. (US)

4. When writing an email “wear the shoes” of the receiver making sure you have a good Subject Line and express yourself in a way that will be clearly understood. (Switzerland)

5. Set your system to open in Calendar mode first, not email. (Luxembourg)

6. Allocate time to address the Strategic Issues, with a written Project Implementation Plan (ask us for a sample), and not get bogged down in the day-to-day business. (Brazil)

7. Dedicate the first 45 minutes of your day to a Major Priority before opening email. (UK & Netherlands)

8. Be the Master and not the Slave to technology. (Singapore)

9. Do the Worst Thing First every day and enjoy the feeling of not procrastinating. (Norway)

10. Do not Multitask— It Wastes your Time, Decreases Focus, Increases Errors & Creates Stress. (US)

11. Practice PEP’s 4D’s: (all of PEPworldwide)
- Do It: Do things “now” which take less than 5 minutes.
- Designate It: Schedule all of your time usage on your electronic calendar.
- Delegate It: Pass on, with clear & complete instructions, to others to do.
- Discard It: Items with no current value should be deleted or recycled.

PEPworldwide, with offices throughout the world, has been helping people and organizations improve the way they work since 1985. Their clients include Shell Oil, EY, HP, Kraft Foods, Merck & Toyota.

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