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Seven reasons to book your Amalfi Coast villa in the late season

Seven reasons to book your Amalfi Coast villa in the late season

Another banner year for tourism along the famed Amalfi Coast has welcomed throngs of travelers to the region this summer, and the picturesque towns dotting the hillsides currently are teeming with visitors from across the globe.

According to Carrington Italia, the only luxury villa specialists with a local office in the heart of Positano, the crush of tourists will lessen considerably at the end of this month.

"The weeks following the high season ─ all of September, and well into October ─ are a magical time on the Amalfi Coast," says Erin Romano, a longtime Positano resident who manages guest services for Carrington Italia. "Anyone planning a luxury villa vacation in September and October should consider the Amalfi Coast and the numerous advantages of late-season travel." Romano's top reasons for autumn travel to the Amalfi Coast include:

  • Pleasant weather: Visitors will find any kind of walking activity a lot more enjoyable in comfortable weather; and the weeks following the high season offer some of the best conditions. In September, the temperatures in Positano, for example, range between an average high of 80 degrees Fahrenheit to a low of 60 degrees Fahrenheit at night. Early in the month it's warm enough for a swim but without the peak summer heat. By October, the climate is still temperate and, although it may not be sunbathing weather, it can be ideal for those more interested in touring the villages, gardens, historic sites and amazing hillsides.
  • Room to breathe: Every guidebook warns about the teeming tourist crowds during the high season, and for good reason. Yet when September comes, the crowds disperse and everything becomes easier — from touring the popular sites to getting the reservations you want at the time you want. And veteran travelers eager to spend their vacation time living like a local can get that far more authentic experience after the summer season.
  • Doable daytrips: Two of the most popular daytrips in the region — the Isle of Capri and the ancient Roman remains of Pompeii — are famously packed with tourists in the summer. September, the last month of the tourist season in Capri, is less crowded and more enjoyable. Similarly, Pompeii is bustling in the summer and far more pleasant in the shoulder season.
  • Harvest season: September and October are harvest months for the vineyards of Campania, offering a unique experience for travelers interested in touring the region's wine country. In addition to private winery tours, wine tastings and vineyard walks, visitors can even spend a day on an estate picking grapes and helping with the harvest.
  • Food festivals: The Amalfi Coast is renowned for its locally grown fruits and vegetables, not to mention the bountiful harvest of the seas. Italians in the region celebrate local fare in many ways, including the sagra, an outdoor food festival with music, dancing and arts. On the last Saturday in September, the annual Festa del Pesce (fish festival) takes place on famed Fornillo Beach in Positano, celebrating the end of the summer season. In October, the village of Scala hosts the annual Sagra della Castagna (chestnut festival) celebrating the new harvest.
  • Traditional celebrations: September 1 marks the official beginning of the new year during the Byzantine era, and every year the Byzantine New Year is celebrated in Amalfi and its neighboring town of Atrani with an historic reenactment parade and medieval games and entertainment. Also, on the third Sunday in September, the seaside village of Torello hosts a spectacular display of fireworks, visible from neighboring towns.

"September and October are great months to visit the Amalfi Coast, not only to tour our fascinating and beautiful sites, but also to experience the region in a more authentic way," advises Romano. "It's among the best times to interact with the locals and get that cultural immersion experience so many travelers desire."

Carrington Italia creates tailor-made Italian experiences through its network of longstanding personal relationships and personally-curated luxury villas along Italy's Amalfi Coast and Sorrento Peninsula.

Leveraging its local presence in Positano, Carrington Italia's onsite bilingual team provides local expertise and concierge services and assists their guests in experiencing the region in more personal and authentic ways.

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