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Shiraz Grapes, Lemongrass & Hanabero Peppers – Three New Exciting Beer Launches

Shiraz Grapes, Lemongrass & Hanabero Peppers – Three New Exciting Beer Launches

By James Drakeford

If you are lucky enough to be in Massachusetts this month then get yourself down to the Night Shift Brewery who will be launching three new beers over the next two weeks.
Their current beers include weird and wonderful ingredients such as roasted chicory root, vanilla bean, Mem Tea gunpowder green tea, Saaz hops, sweet orange peel, Taza Chocolate cacao nibs, and orange blossom honey, but it is their new range that interest us with an unusual, yet interesting palate. The three new releases are:
Quad Reserve: This is a quad ale fermented with brown sugar and shiraz grape juice. The first batch of Quad Reserve was brewed over 3 months ago, but it needed time to age and develop. Clocks in at 10.5% ABV, it sips almost like a burgundy with bubbles.
Somer Weisse: This sour ale is brewed with lemongrass and ginger. Like the Quad Reserve, it needed a few months of ageing before its public appearance. Some might mistake it for a tart champagne or sparkling lemonade, but this 5.3% ABV is as much a beer as it is delicious.
Viva Habanera: When he came up with a rye ale brewed with agave nectar and aged on habanera peppers, the Night Shift Brewery recipe man, Rob Burns, let the Cuban half of his roots inspire this beer’s initial recipe. Chilies have been used primarily to give Mexican drinks such as tequila a spicy kick, but now we introduce the habanera to beer.
Since launching in March 2012, Night Shift Brewery have opened to the public, slowly expanding their distribution to over 25 locations, and shared their beer with many people across the Boston community. Why not give it a taste and let us know which one’s your favourite (I’m rooting for Somer Weisse).

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