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Six Most Expensive Coffees in the World and Their Flavor Differences

Six Most Expensive Coffees in the World and Their Flavor Differences

There are a lot of different types of coffee available for purchase. Most people are used to the idea that a cup of fresh java drink can cost up to five bucks. When they purchase a package of beans and make java by themselves, the price per cup drops significantly. Even when coffee lovers buy the most premium pods available in stores, the price won't exceed $20. However, if none of the blends can satisfy your taste bulbs, you can try to brew a mug using the most expensive beans in the world. Scroll down the post and read about beans that need people to have a deep pocket. 

Black Ivory

It's the most expensive coffee in the world due to a complicated processing method that involves elephants in Thailand. The price for this product can reach $1,500 per pound of grains. For starters, cherries are fed to elephants. During the 72 hours, the fruits are digested and fermented in the stomachs of these heavy animals.

Then, the beans are picked, washed, and roasted. If you decide to buy a cup of this java drink for $50, you will discover that it has some notes of fruits. The taste is full-bodied and less acidic thanks to the protein destruction in the elephants' stomachs. Also, it has a chocolate aroma with some leather and ground hints that disappear when the drink cools down.

Finca El Injerto

It is the second most expensive coffee globally that can cost up to $500 per pound. This sort originates in Guatemala. It has won a lot of awards. However, they didn't cause the price jump. This blend is so expensive because it's very rare. It is made of small beans that have a rich taste. Making the first sip of this java drink, you will feel the sweet taste of fruits. Making the next sip, you will also feel some notes of chocolate and milk. The blend is low acidic and has a pleasant aftertaste. Also, it doesn't lose its taste characteristics even being prepared using the best coffee maker under 40 dollars. You can create a mug of java using a pour-over dripper and enjoy the original taste. 

Hacienda La Esmeralda

It is a unique coffee blend from Panama that will need you to pay up to $350 per one pound. The blend is grown and produced by one farm located at a high altitude. It has rich volcanic soil. The farmers monitor the condition of the soil constantly to grow the best beans in the country. The taste has bright notes of citrus. Despite the lemon taste, it has a low level of acid that increases its qualities. The blend also has some natural sweetness that is followed by fruity notes. Depending on the harvesting season, you may feel the taste of peach, strawberries, or pomegranate.

Kopi Luwak

It is one of the most famous blends in the world due to the way beans are processed. The average price for one pound of beans is $300. Small Palm Civets are fed with coffee cherries in Indonesia. Beans are processed and fermented in their digestive systems. Then, they are picked and washed to get brewed. The taste is quite similar to black tea. It may be quite bitter but has a low level of acid. Also, there are strong notes of caramel with earthy hints. It's a very controversial blend that attracts a lot of tourists. At the same time, a lot of people are concerned about animals that are kept in captivity and fed with cherries for profit.  

This coffee is named in honor of the island where it grows. Saint Helena Island is a British territory located in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, between Africa and South America. One pound of beans can cost up to $80. Thanks to its unique climate, it has a distinctive flavor. It has some notes of citrus and wine. Also, it delivers a soft chocolate aftertaste. It's recommended to use only fresh filtered water for brewing to enjoy the taste of java. Therefore, don't forget to opt for the best coffee maker with removable water reservoir if you don't have one yet. 


This coffee is unique as it's grown in the US. The farm is located in Maui County, Hawaii. The location offers the world's best conditions for growing beans. Also, the plantations are managed by skilled farmers who polished their growing and processing skills for a lot of years. Correspondingly, the price can reach $50 per one package. The taste of this coffee is full-bodied, has a mild acidity, and offers some notes of chocolate. In some cases, you can also feel the weak flavor of red volcanic soil. 
 Wrapping Up

If you thought that $20 for one package is expensive, you might change your opinion after reading the post. Nevertheless, the high price of coffee doesn't mean that taste qualities are way better. In most cases, the high price for beans is formed by the low amount of beans available on the market. For instance, only 300 pounds of Black Ivory is produced annually. In addition, the price can be high due to raised operation costs and expensive delivery.

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