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Sports meet culture

Sports meet culture

Sightrunning, Sightjogging, City Running Tours – there are several terms for one of the latest trends in cities all over the world. The name is self-explanatory; Sightrunning is a combination of running and sightseeing.

As both a professional historical guide and a passionate runner, Berlin Sightrunning’s business owner, Sabine, would like to join you on a run. She will provide you with all the interesting information regarding Berlin as well as all the tales Berlin has to offer. You set the pace, decide where to stop for taking photos and it is up to you how long you want to run for.

With this unique way of exploring Berlin in “jogging mode”, you will find out a lot of interesting tales and stories about Berlin´s highlights and turbulent history. A Berlin Sightrunning Tour will perfectly fit into your schedule, whether you are visiting the city as a tourist or for business matters.

One of our Sightrunning fans reflects on her tour on the Sightrunning website: “Wonderful Tour. One might think it pretty impossible to get in a decent run amongst the tourist hot spots but Sabine manages that with ease. More importantly, the info you get goes well beyond that of a tourist guidebook. A lot is about what used to be there (as part of the former GDR) and how and why this has evolved in what is visible now. NOT TO BE MISSED!!!”

Disregarding the advantages of fitness and physical activity, Berlin Sightrunning contributes to environmentally friendly and sustainable tourism. In our opinion, the argument “not being able to make a difference as an individual” does not count. Small changes in our everyday life can make a big difference. This is also valid for sightseeing: Instead of hopping on a bus, we only need our trainers to discover the city. Additionally, we see the tourist attractions from an authentic and very different angle.

If you are still looking for a special Christmas present for your loved ones, surprise them with a Sightrunning voucher this year! Combine fitness, health and fun while getting rid of the Christmas love handles. Join us on our next sightrun and explore Berlin!

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