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Staying Motivated in Winter

Staying Motivated in Winter

When its beautifully warm and sunny outside it’s easy to get outside and be active, but when the sun starts setting sooner, the temperature drops and the rain begins that long run is not quite so appealing.  Winter brings with it a change in pace and the temptation to stay indoors is high, but leaning to getting out and staying active is infinitely more rewarding in the long run.
Winter brings with it some of the most spectacular weather; running through thick white snow is something we get too few opportunities to do, and rain storms make some of the most dramatic and exciting runs, the key to enjoying these trips is to get the right gear.  A good waterproof could be the difference between being soaking wet and miserable or warm and comfortable, and devices like the Lupine Piko make it safe to be out when daylight hours start disappearing. 
But if you really can’t get into winter training, then you can bring exercise indoors with activities like yoga, tennis, martial arts or indoor climbing.  If these are group sports then that’s even better, because training with other people is a great way to keep motivated.  Being able to socialise not only makes exercise more fun but it also means that other people will hold you accountable for ditching workouts.  Making exercise a cornerstone of your social life is a sure fire way to stay motivated.

During winter it is important to be flexible in your approach to working out.  Maybe today really isn’t the right weather for that long run you had planned and slipping on icy ground is a great way to ruin Christmas, but what’s stopping you swimming instead? What is important is keeping exercise a consistent part of your lifestyle and daily routine, so whatever the weather find things you can do.  If it’s raining outside maybe change your planned long distance cycle ride to a short sprint session.  It will do you just as much good and will be much more comfortable. 
Finally make a goal that will keep you motivated.  For some, booking a beach holiday will give them the motivation to keep working through the winter and looking good.  For others signing up for an event is a great way to invest yourself, and your money, in exercise.  Committing to a race or competition in the near future forces you to prepare for it and stay disciplined.  You could even combine this with an active holiday; for example why not aim to complete a half marathon in an exotic location and reward yourself after with a few days relaxing in a five star hotel afterwards, or make the most of the snow to engage in an afternoon of winter sports. 

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