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10 Reasons Why Visiting Thailand Should Be In Your Bucket List

10 Reasons Why Visiting Thailand Should Be In Your Bucket List

One of the top countries on every vacationer’s bucket list, Thailand is a beautiful country for a vacation, perfect for escaping the grasp of our daily routine. Almost everything you would want in your dream destination is present here, from numerous islands with pristine beaches to luxurious villas overlooking miles of greenery.

One look at Thailand’s tourism map is enough to confuse anyone: it is peppered with ‘must-visit’ spots that would take ages to cover fully.

With so many places to explore, making an ideal itinerary for the trip is a pain in the neck for many. However, this becomes much easier with ​​the Karambol Thailand Itinerary, which creates a personalized Thai itinerary for you.

Here are ten reasons why visiting Thailand should be on your bucket list.

1. The Food

Thai cuisine is famous across the world for its strong flavors, spicy dishes, and the liberal use of fish sauce. You have the opportunity to experience two different worlds of flavors in Thailand: from the street food available locally, and the high-class restaurants.

A real test for your tastebuds, the local food in Thailand is packed with bags of flavor. Outdoor stalls are also a great way of meeting people and getting a feel of the everyday Thai lifestyle.

On the other hand, you could also visit snazzy restaurants that serve up refined and exquisite dishes. With the growing popularity of the country, quite a few Michelin-starred restaurants have come up in recent years.

2. The Weather

Thailand is situated in the region between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator, so you can expect the weather to be hot and humid around here. For most vacationers, who come here for sunny days at the beach with a lazy sunbath, the beginning of March (and summer) would be a good time to visit Thailand.

Thailand also has ideal weather for sightseeing and moving about without having to deal with the heat: the winter months of November to February. Around this time, Thailand offers dry, cool weather. Between July and October, there’s a high probability of rain. With every type of weather available, plan your trip accordingly.

3. The Beaches

With 1430 islands and over 1500 miles of coastline, Thailand is reputed for its sandy, silky shores. These beaches offer such postcard-perfect scenery that you could take a whole day to just sunbathe on the beach and relax. The beaches also offer a variety of activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling.

A hotspot for honeymooning couples, you can find many taking long walks on the seaside. There are bars and cafes all along the coastline, with night-long parties common on these beaches.

If you can’t get enough of the beach, there are plenty of sea-facing villas or hotel rooms that you could stay at. These slices of heaven attract millions of people every year, and you could soon be one of them.

4. Transportation

Thailand has a very well-planned and effective transport system. It has good connectivity through flights, trains, buses and vans, the GrabTaxi service runs like a well-oiled machine, there are two parallel metro systems and local tuk-tuks are easily available for cheap rates.

Getting around is not a hassle on a vacation here, and you can concentrate on having fun!

5. Shopping

A popular activity amongst visitors in any country, many tourists view shopping as a significant part of a successful vacation. If you’re a shopaholic who loves a good bargain, you would not want to miss Thailand’s shopping culture. These markets offer everything: from clothes to souvenirs, from gadgets to art, you name it.

With cheap goods, tasty food, and calming massages, you could spend a fun-filled day or two walking around these markets. Thailand’s unique floating markets are also famous, where the whole market is set up on boats. While all the walking and exploring might get tiring, the excitement of discovering a new world makes it worthwhile.

6. The Forests

Alongside its spellbinding beaches, Thailand also boasts of a lush, green forest cover spread over magnificent hills. Filled with waterfalls, hot springs and caves ready to be explored, these jungles are a hiker’s dream. Of course, you would have to be prepared with suitable equipment for these hikes.

These forests also house many rescue centers, sanctuaries, and elephant parks, which you can visit if you’re an enthusiast. They also allow visitors to feed the gentle giants and take them on walks. The jungles are not wild or untamed, it’s safe to traverse through them.

7. The Nightlife

Party freaks, this one might excite you. Thailand has a vibrant, popping nightlife culture, with dance parties that usually go on deep into the night. These parties also come in different settings: cocktails and suits in highrise buildings, wild music and dancing in basements, or outdoor raves on sandy beaches.

Another unique feature of Thailand is the full-moon parties held in places such as Koh Phangan. These parties are a once-in-a-lifetime experience with crazy, night-long celebrations that occur on the full moon of every month.

No matter where you plan to stay, be prepared to lose some sleep at night if you want to maximize your Thai vacation.

8. The Location

Thailand is located in the middle of South-East Asia. Due to the country’s central location, countries like Singapore, India, China, and Indonesia are only a few hours away by air. It’s also situated almost midway between Australia and Europe.

For people who travel a lot, this makes Thailand an appealing option for a holiday, as they have the option of giving other places a quick visit.

9. Culture and History

Thailand is blessed with a rich cultural heritage and a colorful history. You can find monasteries and Buddhist temples in every city and there is no dearth of monks in the population. Over dynasties of kingdoms and rulers, Thailand has collected influences from all over Asia.

These can be seen through the architectural marvels that are tourist magnets today. Every ruin, every building has some history behind it, and there are guided tours available to help you know more about the country and its past.

10. The People

Aptly called the “Land of Smiles”, Thailand is well-known for having an affable, friendly population. The people are always ready to lend a helping hand if you need it, and the language barrier is never a problem while communicating.

Cases of theft are almost unheard of, and tourists seldom complain of any issues with Thais.

A pleasant stay during their Thailand visit has made many tourists fall in love with the country, mostly due to the local people here. Once you visit, you’d want to visit again just to experience those friendly conversations and smiles everywhere.

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