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The Best Running Headphones Available

The Best Running Headphones Available

By Josie Martin

Even the most professional runners need that extra bit of motivation to be found in the adrenaline of their favourite songs.  The only issue is, how to make sure you are hearing it in the best possible quality available and in a manner that allows you to experience your run without the hassle of having to worry about your running headphones. 

In recent years, the development of running headphones has improved considerably making them an essential accessory of runners worldwide and giving birth to an intriguing amount of fascinating and peculiar designs.   This guide provides an insight into the latest and most esteemed running headphones currently on the market, spanning a number of top quality brands and prices guaranteed to make the wearer run circles around the competition. 

First out of the traps are the sleek looking Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Pro.  Thanks to a revolutionarily unique combination of TwistLock technology and ultra soft silicone, these stylish looking headphones fit comfortably in your ears and are certain to never fall out.  15mm speakers sit inside the moulds supplying rich, deep acoustic sound and the Ambient Noise Awareness feature makes them perfect for running round busy places.  What’s more, there is a sweat and water resistant microphone incorporated into the design that allows the user to intercept any incoming calls hands, and stress free.  These fantastically classy headphones are available now from Amazon for £49.

For environmentally friendly runners, look no further than the EOPs Noisezero Sports+ EarphonesThese bold, retro treasures are made from recycled Coke cans, an admirable quality that gives these humbly stylish headphones that special touch of added charm.  A collaboration of soft ‘Comply Foam’ weather resistant tips and sleek shark fin design provide a sturdy and reliable product that is guaranteed to impress.  The EOPs Noisezero Sports+ are available to buy now from for £85.

Stepping it up a gear, the Monster iSport Immersion In – Ear Headphones are the ultimate water resistant headphone available on the market at the moment.  This useful feature comes into power when exposed to any amount of sweat or water caused by running or even accidental introduction to the washing machine, giving you one less thing to worry about.  Indorsed by the infamous Dr.  Dre, the iSport headphones also use an in ear stabilising arm to help keep them in place when you are moving, along with five pairs of different sized bright blue buds tailored to fit ears of all shapes and sizes.  Just as useful in the gym, the iSport use a rubber coated remote control to handle any incoming calls or to play music from iphones, itouches, ipods, ipads and Blackberry’s, handy for when your fingers are sweating from the workout.  Heavily embossed signs on this miniature control panel make it possible for the user to operate effectively without having to see it, a thoughtful design for the budding sportsperson.  Available to buy from any good retailer for £130.    

Weighted exclusively with modernistic tungsten The Bowers & Wilkins C5 In – Ear Headphonesoffer premium service to its users.  The in-ears design use a ‘micro porus filter’ system which allows sound to diffuse bringing sonic benefits such as bass in abundance and a great sense of cohesion through the frequency range, along with a ‘secure loop’ design to ensure they fit into your ear comfortably and securely.  This almost unrivalled dynamic duo are available today from most retailers for £149.95.   

Leading the pack and crossing the line first is the Usain Bolt of running headphones, the new Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones that are quite flawlessly engineered for exercise.  You will find it easy to push your workout to the limit with a special fusion of stability and robust sound.  These headphones come complete with a Reebok fitness armband to hold your devise securely in place throughout the duration of your workout.  Tonally balanced audio inside the headphones provide crisp, defined sound to help motivate the user in a whole new way.  Switch seamlessly between calls and music with an inline remote that offers convenient control over all media players with the touch of a button.  These truly magnificent headphones are available today in a mellow lime green or fiery orange from all decent retailers for £129.95.

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