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The Latest Trends in Luxury Travel

The Latest Trends in Luxury Travel

One of the most favoured activities in the world right now is travel. The industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the last two decades, with people from around the globe crisscrossing each other, as they explore new destinations. Travel trends, as a result, are ever-changing, and with so many different genres of travel in the market, each one goes through a transformation every few years.
Luxury travel is amongst the fastest growing travel groups, with tourists more than happy to pay extra for better comfort and convenience. However, the latest trend in the luxury travel sector is all about individuality, as people are aiming for outings that are fashionable, extravagant, and something besides the everyday tourist track. 

Personalised Travel

One of the key shifts in travel that has come to light over the past decade is that people are no longer just interested in visiting famous locations. While the charm of the Seven Wonders and other exclusive sights still hold, travellers are looking to experience more during their vacations. As a result, luxury travel is driving towards personalised trips that include culinary adventures, mountain climbing excursions, and travel options that allow people to immerse themselves more into the local culture of their destination.

Private Charters

Commercial air travel is becoming more unpredictable with each passing day. While most top airlines have upgraded their business and first classes to provide their customers with incredible luxuries, it is still expensive and dependent on several external factors. Thus, with people already travelling more with friends and family, the demand for private charters and planes is on the rise. Not only does it include all the amenities one needs during a flight, but the exclusivity of it all makes whatever little extra you end up paying, worth it.

The Future is Space

The future of luxury travel, though, is quite literally, out of this world. One of the most eagerly followed and awaited travel news is that of commercial flights going to space. There are already five companies participating in the space race, each one promising a once-in-a-lifetime experience, that is bound to go down in the history books. However, tickets for most of the inaugural flights have already been picked up, even though it might still take a few years before we see this dream come true.    

RVs and Staycations

Most people associate luxury travel with going to a high-end spot that is both exclusive and intimate. While that remains true, several people are now searching for exciting places around them. Not only does this lead to saving time and money, but travellers feel proud about reinvesting in their community, as well as reducing their carbon footprint. Luxury staycations or taking drive holidays in decked up RVs can be as lavish a vacation as holidaying on an all-expense-paid resort. Furthermore, it adds a sense of pride and excitement to the holiday, helping it become all the more memorable. 

Offbeat Destinations

There was a time when visiting offbeat destinations was a trend amongst the backpacking travel world. Now, the luxury travel sphere has wholeheartedly adopted this idea, with excursions that allow ardent travellers to see some of the most secluded places on the planet. From trips to Antarctica and distant islands to experiences that include living in a room that is underwater, the possibilities are simply endless.

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