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The Luxurious Executive Cars of 2016

The Luxurious Executive Cars of 2016

By Jessica Green

2016 has so far proven to be a ground-breaking time for both the comfort of luxury cruising partnered with above and beyond technological advancement. The future is here and it’s lighter in weight, heavier in technology; it’s the year of the revolutionary automotive experience.
2016 Jaguar XF
Redesigned for 2016, the Jaguar XF’s weight loss is complimented by a huge increase in technological convenience. The redesign is packed full of evolutionary instinctive technology to low Co2 Carbon emissions, all complimented by a hand-crafted interior and abundance of space for passengers, including an increase of 15mm rear knee room. Find yourself thrust into an illuminating experience with the XF’s mood lighting and LED reading lights and plush design details. If that isn’t enough, the XF boasts an array of technological features including cruise control, a driver drowsiness monitor and a speed limiter which reads speed limit signs and automatically adjusts cruise control, ensuring both safety and comfort for its driver.
BMW 750i xDrive
Beneath its conservative packaging, the 750i xDrive brags an overwhelming level of Sci-Fi tech and lightweight features including a specially engineered carbon core roof support structure. It’s the concierge experience you have been waiting for; with a gesture control, you are put at incredible ease - do you want to reject an incoming call? Simply wave it away with a dismissive flick. It will park itself without you in it, possesses climate control temperature and air distribution settings as well as dynamic cruise control. It maintains the highest level of technological independence without ever substituting the luxurious experience of its passengers.
Aston Martin DB11

Considerably modern, the DB11 blends traditional style with a host of technological features (in conjunction with technological partner Daimler AG) such as stop-start technology which serves to boost its economy and cut further emissions whilst maintaining a quality and high-class travel experience. From memory-heated front seats, cruise control, parking sensors and keyless entry and start, the DB11 is there for your convenience and to make even the smallest of journeys a fluent, classic, personal experience. 

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