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The Must-have Cross-Border Travel Gadget for an Ultimate Business Traveler

The Must-have Cross-Border Travel Gadget for an Ultimate Business Traveler

The MSA (Mobile Sharing Assistant) by Fonebud IoT Berhad is awarded the Special Award recently in Good Design Award 2020, Japan. Good Design Award who has acquired a reputation of "Oriental Design Oscar", is one of the four greatest design awards in the world who makes efforts to make a contribution to the international promotion of design.

This cutting-edge shared translation device has no different than a compact mobile phone from its appearance but this cross-border rental device system is designed with a great series of actions for tourists and business people. The product designer behind the scene is Sylvain Vanderhaegen from France who has more than ten years of industrial design experience.

MSA supports 72 languages for speech translation and 56 for image translation. It is creatively integrated with conference and speech mode where both are pioneer in the industry. The unique push-to-talk dialog translation function allows simultaneous interpretation through semantic recognition from the source language to target languages for multiple parties in a conference call or a lecture from all over the world. Its conference mode allows up to 100 participants in a single meeting room while the speech mode supports up to 10,000 listeners. That is to say, you can listen to any lecture or participate in a conference meeting while traveling with MSA without having to have your personal interpreter standing beside you. It was developed to solve the pain points of International travel. 

It is not merely a walking interpreting device. This must-have cross border gadget integrates eSIM and NMT technologies and operates on a unique sharing platform. It applies eSIM to create unique WiFi HotSpot services and advanced AI language translation features. The WIFI Hotspot features supports 21 bands of 4G LTE and provide data services for more than 120 countries.  The technical solution was supporting by various strategic partners.

Apart from this, it is also a power bank with travel app features. You only need to pay a deposit to conveniently obtain this MSA at hotels, ports or airports and download the MSA APP to enjoy the smart cross-border services without much hassle to switch to a local SIM when landed.

The core advantage of MSA reflected not only in its international operating team, but also in the uniqueness of its strategic resources and the differentiation of its operating model. In order to minimise the operating costs and achieve rapid implementation, MSA cooperates with telecom operators around the world by optimising their powerful local network and needless to say, to share profit together.

To dates, MSA has officially landed in Thailand, coming soon will be the Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, South Korea and Japan. With the RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership) agreement signed recently between the 15 Asian-Pacific countries, this will definitely offer a wider window for MSA to allow cross-border travelers to connect to the local network with just a tab on the screen.

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