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The Science of High Tech Cuisine

The Science of High Tech Cuisine

The future is here and high tech restaurants from all over the world are bursting on to the scenes. Using an innovative combination of technology, décor and of course, ingredients, a number of restaurants have adopted a futuristic outlook to create the best out of the ordinary dining experience money can buy. The Luxury Travel Guide took a tour of some of the most innovative restaurants in the world and enjoyed a dining experience of revolutionary proportions.
Inamo Restaurant – The Ultimate Experience in Oriental Fusion
Inamo Restaurant in an avant-garde Oriental fusion restaurant and bar located in central London, which places all the power in the hands of the customer.  The core of their innovation lies in the interactive way of ordering the food; the table surfaces offer a projected food and drinks menu so you can not only select your favourite dishes (with the help of illustrations) but also set the mood, virtually explore the neighbourhood, play a game while waiting or even order a taxi.  The cuisine on offer is a tasty mix between Chinese, Thai and Korean, with a variety of fun, new-wave promotions.
Hajime Robot Restaurant – A Departure from Tradition
Hajime Robot restaurant is an establishment in Bangkok, Thailand who took the dining experience to the next level.  As its name so nicely puts it, their ingenuousness comes from fact that all the tables are served by robot-waiters, who move along the restaurant on a pre-established route to serve dishes of Eastern cuisine.  And not only do the robots wait on the tables, but they will also dance for customers.  To order, you simply have to select your option on the robot’s facial touchscreen and that will send the information to the kitchen, letting you enjoy this highly amusing and unique experience.
The Fat Duck – The Beauty of Edible Art
Heston Blumenthal is famous worldwide for his ground-breaking methods of food preparation. He has garnered a reputation for taking the process to a whole new level and creating what can only be described as edible art.  His restaurant, located in Berkshire, England has three Michelin stars and was voted the best restaurant in the world in 2005, highly popular for its blend of skill and science, offering customers the inventive molecular gastronomy.  From carbon dioxide to special software that identifies individual elements and flavours in everyday material, the restaurant impresses with its dramatic products such as a dry ice chocolate fountain and sweets with edible wrappers.
‘S Baggers – A Rollercoaster of Food
‘S Baggers in Nuremberg, Germany, is the first rollercoaster restaurant in the world and it combines adventure with food, in favour of a once in a lifetime experience.  The order process is easy and highly informational and can be done with the help of the tablets present at each table.  While waiting for your food, focused on a gluten-free and antiallergenic recipe, you can learn interesting facts about the cuisine and its ingredients.  Once the dishes have slid down to your table, you can fully enjoy the revolutionary décor and modern layout.
Mojo iCuisine – Taking Interactive Dining to the Next Level
The Mojo iCuisine is the first, fully interactive restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan, and dining experiences cannot get more high tech than this. Your meal begins with a touchscreen table menu and an attractive visual interface. Diners can edit the circular menu, directly order dishes from the kitchen, change the digital table cloth, play games, view advertisements, fill out opinion forms and check or pay bills.  The interface by itself creates a flourishing and colourful table-scape that ensures a memorable dinner and, complemented with a delicious variety of Pan-Asian cookery, the Mojo iCuisine offers an unforgettable journey into the future.

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