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The Smart Way to Travel – Top Travel Apps

The Smart Way to Travel – Top Travel Apps

The rapid advance of pocket technology has made travelling a whole lot easier.  Instead of book and maps, thousands of apps are available at the touch of a button that feature the latest travel information as well as practical solutions to well-known problems that only ever occur when you’re on holiday. The Luxury Travel Guide explores the best travel apps on the market to ensure a stress free holiday (just remember to pack your charger.) 
Onavo Extend
IOS and Android
Designed to help reduce mobile internet usage, this clever app will save data by not loading images immediately and uses compression technology to minimise data downloads.  Onavo will also give you a summary of which app uses the most internet so you can cut down usage manually too.
The App is particularly useful if you need to check an email abroad but don’t want to incur astronomical roaming data bills.
Google Translate
IOS and Android
Practical rather than innovative or quirky, Google Translate is probably the key travel app.
With over 90 languages on offer it will aid communication and navigation in foreign country. Google have now incooperated recent acquisition Word Lens into the app which can read and translate text from a photo with no internet connection required. Its new design makes it simple and easy to use.
JetLag Genie
Everyone has experienced the draining and exhausting effects of jetlag and for regular globetrotters, JetLag Genie is an essential travel companion. Just enter details of your flight and your regular sleeping habits and the app will help you gradually adjust in days leading up to your trip, offering a personalised alarm clock and reminders about the need for periods of light and dark. 
Maps Me
IOS, Android and Blackberry
The advent of the smartphone soon put an end to the problem of paper maps the size of an umbrella and there are a number of apps that let you explore the globe in incredible detail. Maps Me has overtaken Google Maps as the navigation tool of choice and its extensive maps of the entire globe can be downloaded and used offline.
Quintessentially Lifestyle
IOS and Android
This lifestyle app is offers a personal concierge service, providing information on private parties, luxury destinations and upmarket restaurants around the world.  Although the app itself is free, a membership is required to access the full range of services such as 24 hour advice and help with personal requests.  A weekly newsletter provides information on a number of exclusive events and the latest trends.

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