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The Top Five Military History Sites in the United States

The Top Five Military History Sites in the United States

The United States military has served and encountered some of the most horrific armies in the world and it’s that history that brings the United into the United States. Whether you’re looking to gain more knowledge of the military history in the United States or you’re looking for attractions in the area you’re visiting, the below military history sites will give you an excellent idea of how the United States evolved and adapted during its toughest times.

1. National Museum of the United States Airforce

The National Museum of the United States Airforce offers those the full experience of what battles in the air felt like. The museum offers excellent tours and real models of aircraft that have witnessed firsthand war experience. It’s the place to go if you’re studying for your master of arts in military history using a military history degree program at Norwich University.

2. National World War II Museum

For something much more emotional, the National World War II Museum could be what you’re looking for. Although the site isn’t officially military connected, it still does a fantastic job of presenting World War II to those looking to enhance their knowledge. This is the place to come to see how your grandparents served the United States during the war.

3. US Naval Academy Museum

If you’re a huge fan of the Pearl Harbor movie, visiting the US Naval Academy Museum will give you great insight into what the battle really consisted of. With more than 70 ship models to take in and tours around some of the biggest ships in the world – the US Naval Academy Museum will offer you the naval military history experience you crave. Virtual experiences are also available to groups looking to see what it really feels like to be aboard some of the biggest battleships in the world.

4. U.S. Army Aviation Museum

Unlike the United States Airforce, the U.S. Army Aviation Museum offers tourists the almost lifelike experience of battling in an aircraft. The museum doesn’t just offer displays of aircraft models used in the war, it also gives you some valuable insight into what different encounters the U.S. Army had to deal with.

5. National Museum of the Marine Corps

For a hands-on experience of knowing what it feels like to have a sergeant shouting down your neck, the National Museum of the Marine Corps could be the experience you need. It’s the exhibit and museum that honors the commitment of those that have fought as a marine for the United States. It is also a museum that presents many public events to increase knowledge of the Marine Corp.

If you’re looking to better your military history of the United States, there’s no better way of doing so that visiting the above sites. They will each give you an insight into what was really involved in the daily lives of the US military serving in different sectors. This enhanced knowledge could play a vital part in helping you secure your degree.

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