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The Tradition of High Tea

The Tradition of High Tea

High tea has been an established part of English heritage since the 19th Century and is more commonly known as afternoon tea.  A theory behind its conception suggests that the Duchess of Bedford would often become hungry in the afternoon (a time when no meals were taken) therefore she would order a light dish and tea to her room.  Through inviting her friends to the light meal, the idea began to grow popular amongst the upper class, which led to a new tradition – a hostess would arrange an exclusive ‘high tea’ and invite friends and family.  The traditional menu is composed of small sandwiches, accompanied with cakes and a pot of tea.  While afternoon tea became a great activity for the upper class, the working class had their version of a high tea – but enjoyed in the evening after a hard day’s work. 
Through the years, high tea has become a popular meal to be taken in public venues, particularly in stately hotels and restaurants across the world.  Keeping the formula of serving quality tea and ‘finger food’, guests can enjoy a modern twist on a classic delight.  The Luxury Travel Guide offers its recommendation on the best places to enjoy high tea around the world. 
The Ritz
London, UK
London is one of the perfect places for high tea, as this creates an authentic atmosphere that reflects tradition.  The Ritz is one of various venues in the city that offer a high tea, but it far and away surpasses all others in terms of presentation and food.  High tea is held in the prestigious Palm Court, a stylish room decorated to replicate the enchanting designs of the 19th Century.  The Ritz offers a range of menus, from traditional afternoon tea to celebration tea, made with great skill and high-quality ingredients.  To fit in with flexible city living, tea is served throughout the day at 11:30am, 1:30pm, 3:30pm, 5:30pm and 7:30pm.
Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand
There are places offering high tea that inject their own culture into the experience, showcasingthe popularity of high tea across the globe.  One such place that provides this is Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok that aims to highlight the best of Asian cuisine.  Their menu consists of local dishes that look appealing and taste scrumptious, along with a selection of tea from across the Asian continent.  The hotel holds the high tea in the Erawan Tea Room, a stylish venue that is decorated to create a warm atmosphere.  The hotel offers high tea from Monday to Sunday, served from 2:30pm.
Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel
Cape Town, South Africa
Another splendid high tea visitors should consider is at Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel, where they offer an exciting blend of English and South African culture.  The menu replicates the original style of delicious food, including local specialities such as melktert (milk tart) and designing a warmer alternative menu for winter.  They produce an exclusively-made tea from a blend of local flavours to ensure you have a unique meal.  With a choice of beautiful venues from the lounge to the garden, you will be guaranteed to have a luxurious yet cultural experience.  Afternoon tea is served at 1:30pm and 3:30pm.

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